MSF: Opening Star Lord

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Opening Legendary characters is always important for competitive players and fans alike in Marvel Strike Force, and Star Lord became the newest addition to my roster tonight. Here is a look at the Space Ace event in MSF and what it took for me to open Star Lord.

The Space Ace event requires a combination of 5 Guardian & Ravager characters to unlock Star Lord, who opens at 5-stars (310 shards).

My roster:

  • Gamora – 7 stars, 2 red stars – Gear 10 +3 pieces
  • Rocket – 5 stars, 1 red star – Gear 10 +3 pieces
  • Drax – 6 stars, 0 red stars – Gear 11 +4 pieces
  • Ravager Boomer – 7 stars, 4 red stars – Gear 10 +4 pieces
  • Yondu – 5 stars, 2 red stars – Gear 10 +3 pieces

The team above proved to have no problem winning – all stayed alive throughout.

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