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Greetings Commanders,

Version 3.2 is on the horizon, so get ready for another big update to MARVEL Strike Force. You may have noticed that the updates have been coming in hot the past few weeks. Two updates were bug fixes that were hindering gameplay and one update was the release of Rescue and her corresponding Event Campaign chapter. Version 3.2 will be a more traditional update and it’s packed with new characters, an Alliance War update, as well as new Elite Red Star Orbs and how to earn them. Here’s a breakdown of the major updates and events coming your way.

Elite Red Star Orb Update

The biggest change coming in Version 3.2 is the new Elite Store, which addresses duplicates received from Elite Red Star Orbs and implements a new progression system.

Going forward, all duplicate drops of 4 Red Stars or better from the Elite 4 Star Orb will earn Elite 5 Credits, which can be used to purchase the Elite 5 Star Orb, which guarantees a 5 Red Star promotion. Duplicate drops of 5 Red Stars from the Elite 5 Star Orb will earn Elite 6 Credits toward the Elite 6 Star Orb, and so on. Duplicates from the Elite 7 Orb give you another pull. Keep in mind that each orb has a chance to drop a higher Red Star than what’s guaranteed. For example, the Elite 5 Star Orb has a chance to award 6 or 7 Red Stars at an increased drop rate than the Elite 4 Star Orb.

Instead of using your Elite Credits to purchase Elite Orbs, you can also choose to use your Elite Credits to get Promotion Credits, which you can use to buy single Red Star promotions for specific characters in the Supplies tab. You’ll only be able to buy promotions that are 1 Red Star higher than what you already have for a character and promotion costs increase with the number of Red Stars. Buying 6 & 7 Red Star Promotions requires Gold Promotion Credits, which can be bought with Elite 7 Credits.

To kick off the new system and store, we’ll be temporarily removing Elite Orbs from the store and converting everyone’s Elite Red Star Orb fragments to Elite 4 Credits. In the meantime, feel free to open Red Star Orbs. All progress toward your next Elite Red Star Orb will be saved. Be on the lookout for an inbox message announcing the new Elite Store.

New Heroes on the Way

Three uncanny mutants and a patriotic portal kicker are preparing for battle in Version 3.2. Joining the X-Men will be Psylocke, Colossus, and Phoenix. Psylocke is a telekinetic Brawler capable of removing negative effects from allies and applying them to enemies, along with hitting for big damage. The Psylocke Event Campaign is just around the corner and requires a team of Martial Artists. Next is Colossus, the X-Men Protector. He can mitigate damage by stacking positive effects and via Deflect. Rounding out the X-Men team is Phoenix, the Legendary member. Her attacks are devastating, and she boosts her X-Men teammates, so keep an eye out for the Phoenix Legendary Event preview in a few weeks. You don’t want to miss out!

Also making her way to MARVEL Strike Force is the explosive Brawler, America Chavez. Not only is she a powerful and visually exciting hero, but she has Team Synergy with fellow Hero Brawlers, so you can slide her right into your Brawler squad for an immediate impact.

There are two more characters currently in development and coming down the pipeline. One we’ve mentioned before is Agent Coulson. The second is the long-time leader for the X-Men, Cyclops. We’re still finalizing their details, but we wanted to give everyone a peek at characters joining the battle in the future.

Venom Added to Nexus 6-9

The brutal Spider-Verse symbiote is on the move now that S.T.R.I.K.E. Raid Alpha featuring Venom has concluded. If you’re looking to bond with even more Venom shards, you can find him in Nexus 6-9. Yondu will still be available in Heroes 1-6.

Star-Lord Legendary Event

Grab your favorite trash panda and sentient alien tree, because the Space Ace Event is coming in for a landing. Battle your way toward Star-Lord shards and round out your Guardians team. If your Guardians and Ravagers need a boost before the Legendary Event, an x2 Guardians and Ravagers shard day is taking place today.

Rescue Blitz Part 2

You’ll have another shot at recruiting and ranking up the Power Armor Support specialist in the second iteration of Rescue Blitz. Clear the second round of Milestones for this event to unlock a 2-Star Rescue.

Rescue shields her allies from damage by clearing negative effects and protects her team from damage with the new Barrier ability. Don’t miss your chance at recruiting Rescue!

And that’s all for this week! Expect more info on the new X-Men team coming soon to a MARVEL Strike Force blog near you.

Until next time…
Good Luck, Commanders!


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