SWGoH: Gear XII Salvage now farmable, April Territory Wars feature Han Solo & Droid bonuses

SWGoH - Young Han Solo

Some important information was published on the EA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes forums this evening regarding Gear XII and Territory Wars bonuses for April. To start, this post informed the community that the April Territory Wars bonuses will be the 5 versions of Han Solo and Droids and NOT the Geonosians and Clones that typically get the TW bonus love. Here is a look at the published ability boosts:

  • Captain Han Solo: +50% Max Health, and other Han allies can’t be defeated while Captain Han is active
  • Han Solo: +50% Critical Damage, and other Han allies have +35% counter chance while Han Solo is active
  • Stormtrooper Han: +50% Max Protection, and other Han allies grant 10% Turn Meter to all other Han allies when damaged by an attack while Stormtrooper Han is active
  • Veteran Smuggler Han Solo: +50% Health Steal, and other Han allies take a bonus turn whenever any Han ally is defeated while Veteran Smuggler Han is active
  • Young Han Solo: +50% Offense, and other Han allies have +35% chance to assist other Han allies while Young Han is active (limit once per Han per turn)

And for the Droids:

  • Droids deal 100% more damage with attacks not based on Health, but have a 15% chance to be destroyed when damaged by an attack. Droids defeated this way can’t be revived.

    Whenever a Droid is defeated, they deal damage to each enemy equal to 80% of that enemy’s Max Health and inflict Burning for 1 turn, which can’t be evaded or resisted. This damage can’t defeat enemies.

In addition, Geonosian ships are also getting a Territory War bonus which reads “Whenever an ally uses an ability during their turn, all other Geonosians that gained a buff this turn assist, dealing 200% more damage (max 1 assist per ally per turn).”

Meanwhile, another post stated that Gear XII salvage will be farmable on Light Side and Dark Side Battles Stage 9 in the upcoming update and that both Rebel Officer Leia Organa and Imperial Probe Droid will return to 1 shard per Special Mission completed as opposed to the 2 shards we have been receiving for several months.

So what does all of this mean? Well if you read the latest The (Probably) Road Ahead from Grand Admiral Sledge here at Gaming-fans.com, you can read what he says about more Clone Wars content, new Territory Battles maps and more.

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