MSF: Five Teams to lead you to Blitz success

Hey everyone, I’m Fallen Order! I’m going to chat to you about a few of my favourite Blitz teams in Marvel Strike Force.

Before we jump into my teams and some analysis, I’ve picked teams that win in tier 8+, and also teams that I genuinely have a great time playing with and get the most satisfaction out of using. Not all of these teams are fully maxed out and I do use some in early tier Blitz battles to increase the multiplier. However, I have seen content creators, such as Khasino, use these teams effectively in high tier blitz.

To begin, I have my Tech/Villains team. This team is great fun and provides some awesome synergy. Whether it’s synergy between Crossbones and Kingpin, Iron Man and War Machine, or Vision and all Tech allies, the team is an all-round blast to play. I highly recommended this team if you are looking for some fun in blitz, or even if you are just looking for a good team to theorycraft. You could even remove Kingpin and Crossbones and replace them with Ant-Man and Wasp to have even more Tech synergy. Overall, an amazing team with awesome synergy that almost always gets a win for me.

MSF - Brotherhood & X-MenThis next team is the Brotherhood/X-Men/Mutant combo that provides some great damage and debuffs. Obviously not everyone will have Magneto as he is a difficult character to acquire by most people’s standards. However, putting Wolverine in for some great damage and self-healing is a good replacement in my eyes. All the debuffs between Pryo, Wolverine and Sabretooth are crazy, and it’s awesome to watch your enemies die off insanely fast as the huge number of bleed debuffs catch up to them. I am yet to lose with this team in Blitz, and they are nightmare for most teams. My best tips are to place Pyro and Mystique as far away from Juggernaut as possible, as they are very squishy, and you’ll be set to have a blast in Blitz!

MSF - Kree MinionsThe next team is Kree Minions. Most of you will have either been working on this team or have achieved a decent Kree Minion team, as Nick Fury requires Kree Minions for his unlock. Since their rework they are amazing! Not only is it a great team in general and will help in trait-specific raids, such as the Gamma Raid, it will unlock arguably the best all-around team in the game! The only important thing is the placement of Cyborg and Reaper in proximity to Noble, as the Imperial Decree ability works best with those two. (Make sure to place them adjacent to Noble!) This team is great fun, the constant ability energy and healing makes for a sure to win Blitz team. An even greater perk is that this team is so good that you can even leave it on auto and I almost always win. Other options include using Captain Marvel or Minn-erva in place of a Minion and you’ll have an even better team!

MSF - CosmicOne of my favourite teams to run in top tier Blitz is the Guardians or Guardians/Cosmic set up. Below are the screenshots of both compositions, you can choose either one depending on your availability of toons. If you do happen to have Thanos, he is incredible! I highly recommend the T4 or Orange Material upgrade on his passive, it makes Rocket go off constantly! Between Gamora, Rocket and Star Lord, the damage is never ending, and the blitz matches only last for mere seconds sometimes! Have fun with this team, you’ll blast through your matches with ease.

Finally, we have my favourite team that has never lost me a Blitz match since I unlocked them, even in tier 8.4! Of course, this is Nick Fury and his Shield Minions. Even if you don’t have Fury, replacing him with Operative can still make a great blitz team, even in higher tier blitz. MSF - SHIELDThis team has incredible synergy and Fury only makes them better. Some may prefer to run Operative instead of Trooper, which is completely understandable. However, as we are only talking about Blitz, I do believe that trooper is the best for this game mode. If you place him adjacent to SHIELD Security, it’ll be constant counter attacks, which is so much fun to see! Make sure you use the speed bar manipulation of some of the toons basics to get maximum efficiency!

I hope this helped some of you who are maybe looking for some fun/competitive Blitz teams. Until next time, keep on Blitzing!


By Arsenal MSF Staff Writer

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