TFEW: Two Building Cores get buffed, Blades & Dirge joining Earth Wars

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The latest weekly newsletter was sent out earlier today and we have learned of a couple of changes to Transformers: Earth Wars. To begin with, two defensive Building Cores have been buffed to increase their effectiveness. The Target Protocol core now reads, “Prioritizes gunners and medics. Attack range increased by 15%. Damage reduced to 74%.” This is a 10% difference as the old value was 64%. In addition, the Self Repair core now “restores 0.9% health per second,” up from 0.5% health.

Adding to the Building Core buffs, two new bots are in the works. Blades, the helicopter Protectobot will join the Autobots, thankfully not in his over-the-top feminine Rescue Bots cartoon form, while Dirge will be added to the Decepticons.

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