Transformers Earth Wars: Character Profile – Onslaught

Transformers Earth Wars: Character Profile and Analysis


Subject: Onslaught

Faction: Decepticon

Subgroup: Combaticons

Function: Long Range Bombardment, Gunner, Leader and Tactician

Range: Short/Long

In-game Bio: It would be easy to dismiss Onslaught as a brutish thug… and maybe he is… but to him his greatest weapon is not his photon missiles or his sonic stun gun but his amazing tactical mind.

The key to victory is planning, and Onslaught executes his strategies with exacting and dispassionate logic. It’s only when things don’t go to plan that he gets frustrated and lashes out.
Which, admittedly, is often.


Character Facts: Onslaught is the leader of the Combaticons. He forms the main body and torso of Bruticus. He also prefers not to stray onto the battlefield, preferring to mastermind winning strategies. If they fail and he is forced out though, he brings powerful and destructive fury to bear. He specializes in long range bombardments with his back mounted cannons, something that also carries over to Bruticus’ armament.

In Game Analysis:

Onslaught is a very power and useful special class unit. He functions as a Gunner, but with a shorter range and a bit more power. He attacks with a spread of explosions, doing more damage, but with a bit more spread to the target area.

He does face a bit more risk then Gunners do to his reduced range, meaning he’ll be more in the line of fire. Unlike most Gunners though, he’s sturdier, but still no tank. If deployed right and utilized properly, you can work with his strengths and weaknesses to bring out his maximum potential.

Onslaught only comes in two flavors thankfully. He’s available only as a 3 Star and 4 Star bot. At max, a 3 Star Onslaught will pack 2640 health and 295.5 damage, while a 4 Star packs 4680 health and 497.9 damage. Clearly he’s a hard hitting bot that’s worth investing so time into.

Onslaught’s special ability is Line Barrage. It shoots 12 small rockets from long range delivering damage in a line across the target. It takes some practice to get used to aiming it, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll rarely be able to hit with all the rockets, but it brings a lot of damage. At it’s base, the max damage is 720 and it maxes out at 1044.

Train him up and practice with him and Onslaught will certainly be a worthy addition to your A team.


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