HPWU: Upcoming Brilliant Event features Fantastic Flora and Fauna

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

HPWU - Special Event - Floral & FaunaThe first Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Special Event has been announced with the Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna set to start on Wednesday, July 3rd at 1 pm ET (New York, USA). This HPWU special event is described in the in-game advertisement as:

“The Forbidden Forest has been thrown out of sorts by the Calamity. Lend Hagrid a helping hand by returning the forest’s missing flora and fauna to its proper place.”

Of course the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) are defined to be part “of a particular region, habitat, or geological period” and, for this event, are referring specifically to the Forbidden Forest plants and animals to help Hagrid handle things.

The event is expected to be available globally in all countries where Wizards Unite is available. While we do not know the length of the event, the lone Brilliant Event during the BETA testing was a week long.

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