MSF: Unlocking & Upgrading Nick Fury

MSF - Chasing Fury Event

One of the Legendary characters in Marvel Strike Force, Nick Fury is a must-have on any effective SHIELD team in the game. The content below is a combination of articles from our acquisition of and our Director of Content’s efforts to upgrade Nick Fury to 7-stars.


The following is meant to be a living progression of my roster as I look to unlock Nick Fury. One of the Legendary event characters in Marvel Strike Force, the Chasing Fury event allows players to compete to unlock shards of Nick Fury, who opens at 5-stars. The Chasing Fury event requires 5 Kree Minion characters to unlock Nick Fury, who opens at 5-stars (310 shards). You must beat all lower tiers before advancing to the next tier level.

I will start my efforts at the 3-star level given that is all the farther I am. At the time of this original publication in December 2018, I have a 5-star Nick Fury in red stars, but given I have not opened Fury yet, he is on my bench until that time comes.

Tier 3 is described in-game as needing a recommend Level 40 characters, Gear 7, Level 2 abilities. Of course you need 5 Kree Minion characters at 3-stars or higher to even attempt the third Tier.

12.21.18 – In my own experience I fought Tier 3 several times leveling characters up and enhancing abilities as the materials were available over the past two days. Here is a look at my roster:

  • Kree Royal Guard – Level 53, Gear 8, 5-stars, 2 red
  • Kree Noble – Level 45, Gear 6, 3-stars, all red
  • Kree Cyborg – Level 38, Gear 7, 3-stars, 2 red
  • Kree Oracle – Level 40, Gear 7, 4 stars
  • Kree Reaper – Level 35, Gear 5, 4 stars

While I was able to (barely) beat Tier 3 with the roster above, they key was having Kree Royal Guard on this team. Having him taunt and heal again and again was key to this team pulling out the win as I had three characters left standing at the end, KRG being one of them. My expectation is to add to this guide the next time this even comes around as I am going to work to be ready with all Kree minions at 5-stars by that time.

03.20.19 – Here is a look at my attempts at Tiers 4, 5 and 6.

My Roster:

  • Kree Royal Guard – 7 stars, 3 red stars – Level 65, Gear 9 +2 pieces, 27,211 power
  • Kree Cyborg – 6 stars, 4 red stars, 39/300 – Level 58, Gear 8 +2 pieces, 19,973 power
  • Kree Noble – 6 stars, 4 red stars, 5/300 – Level 58, Gear 7 +3 pieces, 18,415 power
  • Kree Reaper – 6 stars, 3 red stars, 20/300 – Level 58, Gear 7 +0 pieces, 13,847 power
  • Kree Oracle – 5 stars, 0 red stars, 193/200 – Level 50, Gear 7 +4 pieces, 10,391 power


The Battles:

Tier 4 – I expect this to be easy given the strength of my Kree Minions.

The result was just as expected – an easy win. 80 shard closer to unlocking Nick Fury.


Tier 5 – I expect this to be a bit challenging but I think I will be able to unlock Fury at 5-stars without major upgrades.

This is the battle I have been preparing for two months for. After unlocking a 5-red star Nick Fury but not having unlocked the character, I started putting the time in to be ready for this moment.

Right out of the gate you face Deadpool as the first of 17 enemies. I lost Kree Oracle early so I am down to my four and Ultimus. Using Kree Royal Guard’s taunt has been key – he is my strongest character so having him absorb hits is important. The battle was not terribly tough, just annoying. I ended up winning with 3 Kree Minions and Ultimus alive.


Tier 6 – I expect this to be a real challenge and I may need to gear and level characters up to get Nick Fury up to 6-stars. My Kree Oracle is only 193/200 so when I get him to 6-stars I will add the results below.

Ok, Thursday morning here in the USA and my Kree Oracle is now 6-stars and 1/300, still at level 50 and gear 7 +4 pieces. Let’s see how this team performs in Tier 6…

Wow, 6 attacks before I can even take a turn to start… I managed to survive the first 6 enemies with all of my party alive and Nick Fury and the Royal Guard in yellow. Then Punisher and Black Panther show up so I focus attacks on Punisher to get him out of the way. Unfortunately he gets to use the AoE and mows down half my squad. After finally defeating him with 3 Kree Minions, Ultimus and Fury left (all in red or yellow), another Punisher, two Iron Men and another Black Panther arrive. This does not look good… And it was not. They crushed me. Time to gear and level up as much as I can…

I made a few upgrades and tried again, this time with better results. First off, I upgraded Kree Cyborg to level 60 and added a gear piece, then I upgraded Kree Oracle to level 58 and gear 8 +1 piece. The key to the battle was avoiding Punisher’s AoE attacks by landing Speed Down on him during the battle. Both Punishers were an AoE attack away from ending my chances, but I was able to get the win, just barely.


07.21.19 – Four months after opening Nick Fury I now have him as a Gear 13 character and my second strongest on my roster behind only Black Panther. In addition, Fury is a key piece of my Dark Dimension team that I have been love blogging about for the past month plus. Today I will attempt to upgrade Nick Fury to 7-stars using the following (to start):

  • Kree Reaper – 7 stars, 5 red stars – Level 60, Gear 9 +0 pieces, 35,023 power, Abilities 6, 6, 4
  • Kree Cyborg – 7 stars, 4 red stars – Level 60, Gear 9 +1 pieces, 31,104 power, Abilities 6, 6, 4
  • Kree Royal Guard – 7 stars, 3 red stars – Level 65, Gear 9 +3 pieces, 31,047 power, Abilities 6, 6, 3
  • Kree Noble – 7 stars, 4 red stars – Level 58, Gear 8 +2 pieces, 23,210 power, Abilities 5, 5, 3
  • Kree Oracle – 7 stars, 2 red stars – Level 59, Gear 8 +1 pieces, 17,179 power, Abilities 5, 4, 2

Tier 7 – To start, I expect to get my butt kicked with this team, but I want to see how close I am before i use up valuable gear pieces and gold.

Facing Ant-Man, Wasp, 3 Kree Reapers and Crossbones to begin the battle against 21 total enemies, I take out Crossbones and then a Reaper only to have another Ant-Man and Wasp combo with another Crossbones appear. I complete Stage 1 and continue, now focusing on the new Crossbones. I take out Crossbones rather quickly then the other two Kree Reapers, but the attacks are starting to weaken my team despite 16 enemies remaining when I hit Stage 2. I kill off an Ant-Man and weaken a Wasp as I hit Stage 3 with 15 enemies left, then finish off Wasp and start attacking the other Ant-Man after losing Kree Oracle just before getting to Stage 4 and winning the battle.

My reward is 300 shards of Nick Fury which will be a nice upgrade to take him from 61k power to 66k.

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