TFEW: Weekend Alliance Totalizer Event features 4-Star Protectobot/Terrorcon Crystal

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The VIP email is out and the weekend event is official – an Alliance Totalizer Event will feature a 4-Star Protectobot/Terrorcon Crystal to those alliances that can reach the goal. That goal is 181k points, not even half of the “maxed out” score of 400k available for rewards in the event. Of course the Protectobots and Terrorcons are featured due to the addition of the new Combiners in the coming weeks.

Also available this weekend for alliances that max out the event will be 40k Combiner Spark, 2,500 Premium Shards, 1k 3-star Shards, 8 Mk3 Booster Crystals and Super XP, perfect for leveling up characters fast in Transformers Earth Wars. The event will, as always, run Friday through Sunday, so get together with your alliance and give it all you can!

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