HPWU Rumors: New Potions coming soon?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The evolution of game centered around popular movies, cartoons, TV shows, books and comic books is always an interesting one as each franchise has thousands of details that can be mined and processed into great content for a mobile game. This is evident in each of the other three games we cover heavily, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel Strike Force and Transformers Earth Wars, as each development team score over the franchise’s content for creative new additions to bring to their specific game. This also rings true with the Harry Potter franchise. In the past few days, as we prepare for our trip to the first ever Harry Potter Fan Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana, my wife and I have been theorizing not just about the addition of Dragons to HPWU, but also about other additions that could be made.

As we reviewed where new additions could be made to the game, the obvious additions of new Foundables seem to come every 2-3 weeks with smaller game updates. This keeps a fresher feel to the game, and coupled with the special Brilliant Events held every other week, helps players keep from getting bored with the content. We discussed new pages in the Registry, new potions, new ingredients, a reworked Greenhouse system, additions to the lessons available to each Profession and more. While we have seen the addition of a new Portkey location for the Back To Hogwarts Brilliant Event as well as a new Magical Games & Sports Registry page and Foundables, one rumored addition is the addition of two new potions.


What new potions may be coming to HPWU?

The two new Potions that have been rumored are Polyjuice Potion and the Tonic for Trace Detection. For the Tonic for Trace Detection, Pokemon Go players can think Incense, as this is expected to work in a similar fashion. For those who do not know, this would work as a lure of sorts to bring Traces closer to the user as they move across the map, centered around the witch or wizard and not an Inn.

As for the Polyjuice Potion and how it would work in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, your guess is as good as mine. My initial thought is that it could be used in a Fortress/Wizarding Challenge when you face an enemy. I as a Professor am weak against the Dark Arts, so use of the Polyjuice Potion could somehow change me to a Auror for 3 spells to be strong against a Death Eater, however this is illogical given your magic should be the same even if your physical body changes.

What are your thoughts? Tweet us @GamingFansDFN if you have a theory on how Polyjuice Potion could be added to HPWU and give us a follow for more great content.

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