MSF Envoy: Updates coming to Wolverine’s Kit

MSF - X-Men

The latest update for Marvel: Strike Force is incoming as players can expect new characters and a variety of character reworks. One of the notable reworks, in addition to the A.I.M. character reworks, will come for Wolverine. The X-Men character who, let’s be honest, is not that great in the game, especially outside of the X-Men & Phoenix team, is going to be improved upon. Since everyone in-game has Wolverine and it seems most anyone playing for a while has him at 7-stars, these are welcome updates. However, use of Wolverine with other X-Men is critical. Let’s look at the changes to his kit:

Wolverine will get the following additions to his Special attack:

  • If Phoenix is an ally, the primary target takes increased damage.
  • If Psylocke is an ally, this attack cannot be counter-attacked.
  • If Cyclops if an ally, all secondary attacks have 100% chance to Crit.

Meanwhile, the following will be added to Wolverine’s Passive ability:

  • He gains 5% Speed for each X-Men ally

While it will be necessary to use Wolverine with other X-Men to get significant benefit, the additional damage and speed along with the no counter attacks will certainly help the X-Men remain at or near the top of the Arena.

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