MSF: Phoenix Event sets the bar higher than previous Legendary Events

MSF - Endgame

A post that should be published for the community by FoxNext and Marvel Strike Force this evening will read:

The powerful, eternal force known as Phoenix has possessed the body of Jean Grey and is coming soon to Marvel Strike Force. As one of the oldest, supreme entities in the Omniverse, Phoenix has the power to create and destroy at a whim. When provoked, the force assumes the form of Dark Phoenix and unleashes unstoppable destruction.

To attempt to represent the true might of the Phoenix in Marvel Strike Force, the developers have pulled out all the stops. She’s essentially two characters in one, with a unique set of abilities for Phoenix and the reincarnated Dark Phoenix.

To ensure that Phoenix feels true to form, the character will unlock at 6 stars. This means that you will need 5 Villain Mystic Controller characters at a minimum of 6 stars for the Legendary event. This will also be one of the most challenging events that you’ve encountered – harnessing the power of Phoenix requires a true demonstration of might and skill.

If you are determined enough to face the coming trials, take heart, as you still have several weeks to prepare your team for battle.

Good luck!

The Phoenix Legendary Event is expected to take place for the first time this summer.

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