Avatar PR Commander Profile: Casey

Casey - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Use Casey to defend your Base or reinforce your allies. Casey’s explosive troops remove enemy aerial threats so Rippers can close the distance and get personal.” A Rare Soldier class RDA Commander with a desire to gun down anything she sees on Pandora, Casey was formerly strong against Outposts and Patrols until a November 2019 update. She is now a Defender in APR and and and is one of just two RDA Commanders with the Defender tag. Casey’s parallel commander from the Na’vi is Swin’ara.



Class: Soldier
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Defender
Synergies: Concussion Blast, Hornet Scout, Missile Strike, Ripper, RPG Squad, RPG Station
Commander Talents:

  • Bulldozer – Wall Tower level (+6 to +52), Sentry Tower level (+5 to +35) when defending, all Troops level (+3 to +16) when defending
  • Reckless – Missile Strike level (+3 to +16), RPG Station level (+3 to +16), Concussion Blast level (+3 to +16)
  • Rip It Up – Ripper level (+3 to +16), Hornet Scout (+3 to +16), RPG Squad level (+3 to +16)

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