SWGoH: Three Character Art Updates We’d Like to See in SWGoH

SWGoH - Sabine Wren

In the latest Developer Insight post on the EA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes forums Capital Games informed the public that they have “begun making a concerted effort to improve the overall quality of our Character Art pipeline.” Here is a look at some of the info they shared:

After 4 years of game development, technical limitations for mobile devices have eased enough to allow us to start playing with higher resolution meshes. Lucasfilm level of collaboration has also been amazing, as they have provided us with a lot more source materials to work with.

We have managed to raise our polygon budgets a bit, that will help us make sure some upcoming key characters meet higher standards. Not every character needs more polygons in order to look good but it is nice to have more tools at our disposal.

So all of this talk of polygons and graphic design for characters got me thinking – who are the most obvious characters in need of a “facelift” in SWGoH. Let me preface this with kudos to the graphic designers who handle the artwork for the game – they nail the graphics 98-99% of the time, and that is a good grade in any industry. Interestingly enough, all three of the individuals from Galaxy of Heroes that I have selected, and felt like they needed a facelift for a while, are females. Disagree? Tweet us @GamingFansDFN with your suggestions!


    1. Sabine Wren – From the day she was added to the game Sabine’s face has been, well, wrong. To be honest, she is easily the least accurate character visually in the game in comparison to her Star Wars Rebels form.
    2. Jyn Erso – The star of Rogue One, by far the best Star Wars movie made by Disney to date, has never felt like her digital face matched her game representation.
      Jyn Erso Jyn Erso
    3. Rey – Both forms of Rey in the game currently, Rey (Jedi Training) and Rey (Scavenger)
      SWGoH - Rey Rey


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