SWGoH: Best Mods for R2-D2

After the introduction of R2-D2 through the Daring Droid event on May the 4th, 2017, we now have the iconic astromech droid in Star War Galaxy of Heroes. Early analysis by Gaming-fans.com back in 2017 gave us a R2-D2 new character review but the game has changed a lot over the years. Welcome to the Best Mods for R2-D2 article where we break down how best to use mods in SWGoH on Artoo. R2-D2 review SWGoHWhile I do not have all of the answers in SWGoH, I work hard to ensure all of my research is thorough and that all characters we review mods for have been tested out many times over. Now on to the best mods for R2-D2 in Galaxy of Heroes.

Main Focus: Speed. Geez, where have I heard that before? We are almost at a point where Speed should be a given above all other areas of focus, and then the main focus is always a #2 in line. But given he has such a nice base Speed of 169, this is the kind of character that getting to near 300 Speed should be a priority and if you can have him attacking again and again he will prove to be a huge annoyance to your opponent. With the addition of Galactic Legend Leia Organa to SWGoH, R2-D2 has a new home in a Rebel lineup, sitting alongside Leia and Captain Drogan on nearly every Leia team. His main focus of Speed does not change, but the priority of top-tier mods is more important than ever if you plan to outsmart and outplay your opponents.

Additional Areas to Focus: Potency, Critical Chance and survivability in the forms of Health & Protection. I would focus first on Potency since his basic attack and his special attack, Improvise, both benefit from high potency levels. Since all allies gain 10% CC through his unique, Combat Analysis, I can see where a boost in Critical Chance will make sense, but Potency is very important to apply the debuffs needed to make this team most effective. Survivability is key to make sure R2-D2 annoys the heck out of your opponents, and with GL Leia Organa in-game you are going to want to pile on with as much Health as possible. Leia Organa’s leadership grants +40 Speed, and a bunch of Max Health boosts for other Rebels, but R2-D2 is a Rebel Support so the value for him comes from his own Number Crunch unique that adds +10% Max Health for each Rebel ally. He also shares 10% of his own Max Health and Max Protection with Rebel allies, so focus on these two stats to ensure Artoo stays alive.

Speed Priority: 8/10 – While Artoo is a character I am recommending Speed mods for, I do not feel that he needs to be one of your few top characters in terms of the best Speed mods.

In-game Mod Recommendations: Speed & Potency. I always find the dev recommendations for mods interesting and R2-D2 is certainly not wrong. Like many characters who evolve over time and find a home on new teams, it all depends on how you use the daring droid, but with Leia Organa I definitely recommend a move to Speed & Health with a Potency primary on the plus (Multiplexer) mod.

Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH R2-D2:

R2-D2 is a character with good stats that, with the proper mods, can be made great. With a very good base Speed and high survivability, enhancing these areas will make him a real pain in the butt for your opponents. While my initial thought was to go health, defense and potency mods, I have decided a full set of 4 Speed mods and either a set of 2 Potency mods or a set of 2 Health mods. Knowing full well the difficulty of finding the ideal mods in this game, here is my recommended mod setup for R2-D2:

  • Transmitter (Square) – Speed mod with focus on offense and secondary focus on speed, defense, potency and health
  • Receiver (Arrow) – Potency/Health with focus on speed and secondary focus on potency and critical chance
  • Processor (Diamond) – Speed mod with focus on defense and secondary focus on speed, potency, health and CC
  • Holo-Array (Triangle) – Speed mod with focus on Critical Chance and a secondary focus on speed, offense and defense
  • Data-Bus (Circle) – Speed mod with focus on health or protection and secondary focus on critical chance, speed, defense and protection
  • Multiplexer (Plus) – Potency mod with focus on potency and secondary focus on speed and critical chance


Image credit SWGOH.gg


Originally published May 2017
Revised September 2023 by LJ

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  1. real helpful. thanks a bunch

  2. also, would a health set replacing the potency set increase its survivability?

  3. How would you Mod R2 under RJT lead, Crit chance or Crit Damage Triangle?

  4. Combat Analysis says ‘While R2-D2 is active, all allies gain 10% Critical Chance and 10% Accuracy.’ Doesn’t this just mean they get 10% CC in general? It doesn’t say anything about 10% of R2’s CC. How would boosting R2’s CC help this?

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