SWGoH: Not the Developer Q&A with CG_NotADev – 01/10/2020


Hi Holotable Heroes,

The team (of one) is getting ready for today’s Q&A. We’ve got a bunch of questions that we (will not be really) answering already from the (real) survey. We’ll try to answer as many (of the real questions) as we can live!

Today’s Categories:

  • General
  • Art
  • Economy
  • Content
  • Tech
  • Galactic Legends

Who’s Here Today:

  • CG_NotADev

TOPIC: General

Q: Why were there no Christmas giveaways?

  • A: CG_NotADev – We do not like Christmas and do not feel the community deserves anything more for free. We have been more than generous in lowering the cost of select pieces of purple gear and in our Santa-like giving of Kyrotech pieces each day for completing all daily activities.

Q: What is being done for those guilds who are missing Wat Tambor shards from the TB where specific unit requirements were removed due to technical issues?

  • A: CG_NotADev – It was a two step issue. First off, we need to actually look into this. We would have done so over Christmas, which we observe in our real lives with a 3+ week vacation, but we do not observe in the game, but we were too busy counting all of the money we have made in the past four years (we’re almost at $1 billion!). Next we need to actually do something about this. We believe we have a solution to the issue going live this week, but it likely will not work. After monitoring we might actually be sending the missing shards, but don’t hold your breath.

Q: Are there any future plans to expand the data available to officers in TB/TW?

  • A: CG_NotADev – Not at this time. This is an interesting question, because 2019 was obviously a banner year for us with all of the new content we added.

Q: In what ways will you help the free-to-play players in 2020?

  • A: CG_NotADev – Let’s be real here folks. Free-to-play players don’t feed our families, whales and krakens do. Honestly, all of you FTP people are just here to improve our ‘download numbers’ an ‘time spent in game’ metrics. Outside of that we’d rather watch a President Trump press conference than spend time making more FTP content.

Q: Can you offer any insight on the difficulty level of LS Geo TB?

  • A: CG_NotADev – Of course. We decided that we wanted to create a game mode which would 1) completely disrespect any previous investments you have put into the game, whether they be time or money-based, and 2) we wanted to make sure we do not have to work as hard in late 2020 and beyond. As a result you have a stupid-hard game mode that is just reskinned content.

Q: What the hell does this mean?

  • A: CG_NotADev – Ummm…


Q: Why is Qui-Gon Jin’s lightsaber so freakishly long, both in-game and on the old loading screen art?

  • A: CG_NotADev – You know what they say about a guy with a long lightsaber…

TOPIC: Economy

Q: Are there any plans to change the rewards of older missions? ie: missions where jedi shards are the reward, adding ezra or bastila. Or for an empire one getting more shards for newer empire toons?

  • A: CG_NotADev – We don’t have any plans to change old rewards. This is one of the ways we hold players back and keep them from progressing. If they progress too quickly that puts more pressure on the studio to do more, and we really want to avoid that headache.

Q: What are the percentage of players that are actively participating in Grand Arena?

  • A: CG_NotADev – I can’t give specific percentages on this, but I can make a generalized statement of semi-fact that tells you absolutely nothing about the number of eligible players who participate in Grand Arena Championships. Did that answer the question?

TOPIC: Content

Q: Are we going to get General Poe Dameron?

  • A: CG_NotADev – Yep, there’s another Poe is coming to the game. We will have more to say soon, but first we need to figure out how to squeeze more money out of our whales and krakens.

Q: Has there been any work on a completely new game mode? Something akin to a blitz mode? Something playable daily, that can use your whole roster, scales with the team being used, with rewards going up a certain amount of wins and capping out after X amount of wins, but still playable after that for little to no rewards?

  • A: CG_NotADev – I’m glad to see your interest in this. The idea of a daily playable game mode is something far too proactive for our studio, and in fairness, until we get closer to the $2 billion mark the EA shareholders and Board of Directors want us to instead focus on cutting costs while increasing profits. And let me add this. The mere fact that you mentioned a game mode created by our competitor working on that copycat Marvel game makes you scum. They stole our ideas and many of our best employees and they can all kiss our…


Q: Why can’t we use Malevolence in GEO TB?

  • A: CG_NotADev – It’s a bug. We’re looking into it. It looks like we might miss it for this next instance, but we might have it fixed for the one after. Keyword “might.” We’re currently looking into it, but for those who invested valuable Guild Event Tokens into the Malevolence to be one of the first to unlock it, you’re basically screwed.

Q: When are you going to fix Aurra Sing’s contract payout? We submitted bug reports on this weeks ago after you broke her when you “fixed” the Jango bug

  • A: CG_NotADev – You have very high expectations of our game. The best thing you can do is lower those expectations, then you will not be disappointed the next time we build something and publish it when it is just 90-95% complete .

TOPIC: Galactic Legends

Q: Can we please have some additional information about Galactic Legends events?

  • A: CG_NotADev – No. I will give you no information about this and you will like it.

Q: How will the galactic legends characters compare to other teams in the game?

  • A: CG_NotADev – Galactic Legends will feature a new mechanic as well as a couple of other unique twists, and our fingers are crossed that they will actually work properly. We have plans to start revealing details in the coming weeks, but, like everything in this game, we need to first figure out how to squeeze more blood ($) out of the turnip (the community).

Final Comment:

1:55pm UPDATE – Thanks for the great questions everyone! We didn’t get to all of them but a big thanks to all the devs who took their lunch time (and more) to answer as many as they could.

  • (Not Really) CG_NotADev response – As the guys at Reality Skewed Gamers (link below) stated on their live stream, this is utterly ridiculous. Do the CG employees have to take time out of their lunch to “volunteer” their time? If so then that is management NOBODY wants to work for. If not, this is one of those comments that needs to be left unsaid. These guys get to work at a video game studio making a Star Wars game – how freaking cool would that be? They do not need to be thanked for taking time out of their (likely paid) lunch to interact with the people who pay their salaries.

While reading through the SWGoH Reddit I came across the Reality Skewed Gamers live stream of the Q&A – be sure to check them out as well.

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