TFEW: Best Power Cores for Brainstorm & Guyhawk

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles about the Transformers Earth Wars mobile game where we take a look at the best Power Cores for each TFEW bot. While our staff will never claim to have all of the answers for TFEW, we do our homework and test out each bot to ensure we are making only the best recommendations.

Autobot Brainstorm and his Decepticon counterpart Guyhawk are Air class bots who joined us in a TFEW leaderboard event in April 2020. Their special ability reads “Static Strike/Frozen Rush – Drop a static bomb that traps (or cold plasma bomb and freeze for Gyuhawk) defenses in an area, reducing their speed by 70% for seconds. If a trapped (or frozen) building is destroyed, it will shatter and cause damage to nearby enemies.” So which Power Cores are best for Brainstorm & Guyhawk to best enhance their abilities?


Best Power Core for Brainstorm & Guyhawk:

Air Command/Force – Reflective Coating – With these two bots being Air Class, the Power Cores available to them are well-suited to their abilities. The Air Command/Force – Reflective Coating Squad Power Cores enhance the special abilities of Brainstorm & Guyhawk nicely to help them do more damage while granting protection for all Aerial bots from a percentage of the damage from Laser Turrets and Beam Lasers. The main reason for this recommendation over the Enhanced Ordinance, another great core for these bots, is the simple addition of the added defensive protection. For more on these bots be sure to check out popular TFEW YouTuber Alpha Prime’s video on Brainstorm & Guyhawk.

Other Cores: Enhanced Ordinance



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