Buying War Materials in Marvel Strike Force

MSF War Consumables

Alliance Wars is one of the premiere game modes for Marvel Strike Force. As with all aspects of Marvel Strike Force, in addition to simply game play, there is a component of resource management. The resources that need to be managed are the war consumables.


War Consumables

There are two types of war consumables — materials that you can use in war to give your team an advantage:

  • War Defensive Boosts – These give the defensive team 3 blocks at the start of the match.
  • War Energy Refill – These give you another attack.

You can use a maximum of 4 of each these in each war — so up to 4 defensive boosts and 4 additional attacks.

These have separate currencies:

  • Boosts currency costs: 75, 125, 175, 225 for the first, second, third, and fourth boost each war
  • Energy currency costs: 100, 175, 250, 375 for the first, second, third, and fourth additional attack each war


Blitz Store Purchases

You can buy these war consumables in the blitz store once per store refresh:

  • 50 Boost currency for 200 blitz currency
    • 4 blitz currency per boost currency
  • 75 Energy currency for 375 blitz currency
    • 5 blitz currency per boost currency

These are ridiculously complicated conversions and it’s difficult to figure out how to allocate your blitz currency.

Each week there are 3 wars, this means you can buy in the blitz store

  • Boost currency in blitz store:
    • 1050 boost currency per week or 350 boost currency per war
    • This costs 4200 blitz currency per week
  • Energy currency in blitz store:
    • 1575 energy currency per week or 525 energy currency per war
    • This costs 7875 blitz currency per week

This means you can do 2-3 defense boosts per war and 3 additional attacks per war. However, unless you are blitzing a lot, you aren’t going to be getting 12075 blitz currency each week.

From the 4 blitz milestones per week — 2 character blitz, 2 orb blitzes — you earn 8180 blitz credits. So you are significantly under what is necessary.


Prioritization of War Consumables

It’s up to you and your alliance to figure out how much of your blitz currency should go to war consumables versus to shards available in the blitz store or even blitz orbs.

From my experience, a war attack is worth multiples of defensive boosts.



In addition to blitz store purchases, you can buy offers for blitz store purchase. You can simply not buy enough war consumables to max out the war consumables without both spending cores for blitz store refreshes AND having an unsustainable deficit in blitz currency.

  • War Consumables Bundle for $9.99 in US
    • 300 boost currency
    • 450 energy currency
    • 1375 war store currency


Date: 2020/06/24
Written by: Avenue Assassin

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