SWGoH: CubsFanHan Highlights Xaereth’s GAC Counters List

Cubs Fan Han

Popular SWGoH YouTuber CubsFanHan has long been a favorite of this site with his strategic and entertaining look at Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gameplay. In his most recent video Cubs claims that “EVERY SWGoH Player Needs This Counters Guide,” a guide/spreadsheet published by Xaereth that breaks down multiple counters for nearly every combination of team you could find in Territory Wars or the Grand Arena Championships. The video even interviews Xaereth and reviews how the spreadsheet was started and how the addition of video links can help players of all styles. This list of SWGoH counters breaks down specifics needed to make these teams work including gear levels, kill order, team composition and more.

Check out this awesome list of SWGoH counters by clicking here or just click the graphic below.

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