SWGoH: Datamine shows new Battle Pass coming to Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

If you have not heard already, it seems that Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes will soon join the long list of games that sell a Battle Pass for specific rewards, unlocks, etc. A recent datamine of game files that seems to indicate what is to come has been reported on by both AhnaldT101 and CubsFanHan in videos today as both addressed the topic. Below we have links to videos from both of these popular SWGoH YouTubers.

For those unfamiliar with a Battle Pass, it is a time-related subscription of sorts that allows the user to gain rewards during the timeframe that the Battle Pass is active, but the user has progressive goals to achieve to unlock 100% of the possible rewards. In Fortnite we reviewed the January 2021 Battle Pass themed around The Mandalorian and the Mando skin, weapons and more available to those over a 3-month season. Meanwhile, Marvel Strike Force introduced a Battle Pass to players about a year ago which has progressive rewards at each level over the course of about a month, all for $19.99. The have since added a second Battle Pass and have incentivized spenders in that game fairly well as a result. As for SWGoH, the expectation is that this Battle Pass iteration will be centered around the Conquest game mode, something AhnaldT101 has said is not making EA Capital Games any money but has had a lot of development time put into it. As we all know in this community, Conquest is a tedious grind, so if a $10 Battle Pass will alleviate some of that grind and improve rewards given, I would personally welcome that change.

AhnaldT101 video on the SWGoH Battle Pass

CubsFanHan video on the SWGoH Battle Pass

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