SWGoH Relic Review: Hoth Rebel Scout

Hoth Rebel Scout Relic - SWGoH

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For the generic Hoth Rebel Scout, the A280 Blaster Rifle is his Relic in SWGoH. His statistics impacted include Health, Armor, Resistance, Physical Critical Chance and both Physical and Special Damage. His role as an Agility Attacker impacts his Mastery stats increasing Critical Damage & (a total waste) Special Critical Chance.

As always these reviews compare a character from Relic level 0 to Relic level 7 and mods are not factored in.

To start off, Hoth Rebel Scout gains a Health increase of 17,910, a middle-of-the-road gain when compared to all Relics in SWGoH. In addition, Hoth Rebel Scout gains a strong 13.98% Armor increase and a 8.1% Resistance increase which is middle-of-the-road compared all Relic increases.

Hoth Rebel Scout Relic upgrades are focused on his role as an Attacker as he gains a strong Physical Damage increase of 2,883 which is just below the top increases for all Relic upgrades in the game and fits with our mod recommendations for Hoth Rebel Scout. In addition, he sees a fantastic 33.88% Physical Critical Chance increase and an additional 13.5% Critical Damage. While at Gear 13 Hoth Rebel Scout already has 50.42% CC, a now maxed Hoth Rebel Scout at Relic 7 checks in ay 84.29% CC. Finally, Special Damage and Special Critical Chance gains are also included in his Relic increases, since Hoth Rebel Scout only deals Physical Damage this stat can be ignored.

Hoth Rebel Scout is a character that has peaked with only moderate use in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, used mostly in the Hoth Territory Battles event. As a first month player of SWGoH, I used HR Scout to unlock Emperor Palpatine in the first Emperor’s Demise event, so I have always has a Hoth Rebel Scout who was decently geared. With the addition of Mon Mothma to SWGoH and the new Rebel Fighter tag, however, Hoth Rebel Scout is among several Rebels who have been given new life. His offensive potential and Turn Meter gains pair well with Pao and have at the very least made them both relevant in SWGoH in mid-2020. However his stat increases are good but not great. Factoring all of this in, I rank Hoth Rebel Scout’s Relic in the lower to middle area of the Medium Priority tier.

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