SWGoH: New Conquest Game Mode set to join Galaxy of Heroes on March 1st

SWGoH - Conquest

As teased in previous communications from EA Capital Games, the new game mode, Conquest, is ready to be introduced in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Conquest is expected to a monthly event that will be added alongside the Galactic War on the holotable with increasingly difficult boards, new, unique powers and more. Here is an excerpt from the EA SWGoH forums:

Conquest does feature a scaling difficulty curve, so it’s likely that players will peak out at different points throughout the course of an event (and then make more progress as you continue to invest in your collection and improve your strategy from event to event), and depending on their collection, many players will certainly reach their point of furthest progress during Normal without being able to complete the entire event. To be clear, not everyone is expected to complete the entirety of the event right out the gate – this is an event you will continue to make progress in over time.

The first play of Conquest is expected to start on March 1st. For the full post and details, visit the EA SWGoH forums.

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