MSF: Anniversary Gift, Squirrel Girl Blitz headline Scopely’s latest update

MSF 3rd Anniversary

Marvel Strike Force is a game that never slows down as the team at Scopely remains hard at work both behind the scenes and where players can see in-game. The latest update post which went live yesterday, reviews what we can expect in the coming weeks from MSF. Here is a look at the main points as well as a link to the update post on the MSF site.

  • Nick Fury Legendary Event – The Nick Fury Legendary Event, Chasing Fury, is now always available in the events section in-game for those who have yet to unlock or get Nick Fury to 7-stars. As a result the availability of Kree Minion shards has been increased to help players progress more quickly.
  • Doc Oc Legendary Event – The Doc Oc Legendary Event, Surgical STRIKE, will be returning in early April as players will use their X-Force team to unlock or upgrade Doctor Octopus.
  • Squirrel Girl Blitz – For players looking to upgrade the stars on Squirrel Girl or Ghost Rider, the Blitz schedule includes a both a Squirrel Girl Blitz and a Ghost Rider Blitz in the coming weeks.
  • Anniversary Gift – Players received a gift to celebrate Marvel Strike Force’s 3rd anniversary on March 28th (pictured).

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