SWGoH: Skelturix’s Galactic Challenge Guide – Imperial Troopers defeat the Sith

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

The Galactic Challenges in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes remain the most recent major update to the game, alongside the Challenge Tier Rancor and the new Conquest game mode, and continue to prove difficult for players at all levels in the game. In the most recent edition of Galactic Challenges the major Feat is to beat the Sith enemies with a full squad of Imperial Troopers, and our fellow former SWGoH Gamechanger Skelturix instructs the community on how to earn all of the Feats for max rewards. Skelturix’s latest video walkthrough and guidance is linked below as he shows you how to gain the max rewards and do so without any Gear 13 characters. Just click the text link or Skelturix’s logo to see his efforts on YouTube and be sure to Like and Subscribe to his channel for more videos to help you better understand this great game.

Skelturix’s Guide to the Imperial Trooper v Sith Galactic Challenge – Clear Tier 7 with Full Feats

SWGoH - Skelturix logo

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