MSF News: Uniforms, Colleen Wing & Heroes for Hire set to join Marvel Strike Force, Black Bolt event returning

Marvel Strike Force

The latest blog post about what is incoming for Marvel Strike Force has been published, and the constant and consistent influx of new characters into the game continues. To start, the Heroes for Hire faction will be added with their first member, Colleen Wing. Read all about Colleen Wing in the weekly MSF blog post. In addition to the Daughter of the Dragon coming to MSF, a STRIKE-issued locker will be coming to the game where players can collect a variety of character uniforms. While uniforms will not impact in-game performance, they will spice up the battlefield with a new look for many characters.

In other MSF game news, the legendary Black Bolt event, Unite The Kingdoms, will be returning on May 4th. In addition, the Thing and Blob will be the featured characters in upcoming Blitzes. Again, for all of the details on what it is come, check out the weekly MSF blog post.

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