SWGoH: CG announces Final Round of Lord Vader Requirements


The newest Galactic Legend coming to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has been known for some time – Lord Vader – but we now know all of the (steep) requirements to have a shot at unlocking this powerful 6th Galactic Legend character. EA Capital Games today announced the final five units needed and in that group we have a 7-star ship, two Relic 7 characters and two Relic 8 characters. Here is a look at this latest round of brutal requirements.

Galactic Legend Lord Vader Requirements – Third and Final Set:

  • Republic Y-Wing, 7 Stars
  • Grand Moff Tarkin, Relic 7
  • ARC Trooper, Relic 8
  • General Skywalker, Relic 8
  • Nute Gunray, Relic 7

The update later today will reflect these new Galactic Legend requirements in the Journey Guide as we prepare for Lord Vader’s addition to SWGoH.

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