MSF: New Teal Gear coming to Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

The next level of gear progression in Marvel Strike Force is now official. Teal gear will make its debut in just a few short days in MSF and will be the 16th level of gear updates in the game. Here is al look at part of what was released by Boundless Entertainment earlier today:

The next phase of gear progression is on the way in the form of Teal (Augmented) gear. Teal gear arrives with our upcoming version 5.7 Release, which is currently slated for September 29th (PDT) and characters equipped with Teal gear will enjoy a major stat boost in battle. Our previous gear releases would imply that Gear Tier 16 should be another level of Orange gear, but we have something else in mind. As we mentioned in our 2021 Preview Blog, we’re going straight to Teal (Augmented) gear in order to reduce the overall cost of Orange gear and generally make it more accessible.

For more about Teal Gear, how to acquire it and other gear updates, click here for the post released earlier today.

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