SWGoH: Fennec Shand coming to Galaxy of Heroes

Fennec Shand - SWGoH

Bounty Hunter Fennec Shand is set to join the Holotables. EA Capital Games announced today that the Dark Side Bounty Hunter who first appeared in The Mandalorian Season 1 and also saw early time in the Bad Batch series would be the next addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Here is a look at her complete kit of abilities:

Fennec Shand

CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Attacker, Bounty Hunter, Scoundrel
Lethal Bounty Hunter capable of taking on the most dangerous foes.

FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to target enemy 5 times. If the target has no Protection, this ability deals 50% more damage. If it’s Fennec Shand’s turn and she has Seasoned Veteran, Fennec gains Offense Up for 1 turn.
Seasoned Veteran: Fennec can ignore Taunt and gains additional effects on her abilities

Special 1: I DON’T MISS (Cooldown 2)
FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to all but the weakest enemy. Then, deal Special damage to the enemy that was the weakest at the start of this attack, this damage is increased by 50% for each other enemy damaged during this ability.

If this ability deals damage, the selected target is inflicted with Armor Shred and all Dark Side Scoundrel allies gain Overconfident for 2 turns if they do not have it, which can’t be copied or resisted. If all Dark Side Scoundrel allies already have Overconfident, instead all Scoundrel allies gain Overconfident for 2 turns, which can’t be copied or resisted, instead.

If Fennec has Seasoned Veteran, this attack can’t be Evaded and inflicts an additional stack of Armor Shred.

Overconfident: -20% Defense, +50% Offense, +10% Speed, +15% Evasion

Leader: LONE FOX
FINAL TEXT: At the start of battle, Fennec Shand gains +100% Max Health, Max Protection, Defense, and Offense. These numbers are reduced by 25% for each other ally present at the start of battle.

When Fennec Shand is in the Leader slot, and not the Ally slot, the following Contract is active:

Contract: 20 debuffs are dispelled or expire from Bounty Hunter or Scoundrel allies. (Only Bounty Hunter or Scoundrel allies can contribute to the Contract.)

Reward: All Bounty Hunter allies have their payouts activated, and all Bounty Hunter or Scoundrel allies gain 20% Defense and Overconfident until the end of battle, which can’t be copied, dispelled, or prevented.

FINAL TEXT: Fennec gains +10% Offense (stacking) until the end of encounter whenever she gains Tenacity Up. This bonus is doubled if The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) is a living ally. When an ally loses Overconfident, Fennec gains 20% Turn Meter.

Whenever Fennec Shand receives a Reward from a Contract, she also gains the following Payout. (Contracts are granted by certain Bounty Hunter Leader Abilities.)
Payout: Fennec receives +15% Critical Chance, +25% Critical Damage and Seasoned Veteran until the end of the battle, which can’t be copied, dispelled, or prevented.

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