Who makes live slot games?

Who makes live slot games?

Even though slots are the most popular form of jackpot gambling in the modern gambling world, they are still viewed as offering a solitary gaming experience when compared to table games and bingo. Whether this matters or not is all down to individual tastes. However, there are some gamblers out there who consider the actual act of spinning the reels as just one aspect of gambling, some punters would also like to feel like they are part of a community of like-minded individuals.

You do get a sense of community when playing bingo, whether it is at land-based bingo halls or online. Virtual bingo is accompanied by chatrooms and here hosts and fellow bingo players can interact with each other. Whilst Poker and other table games also have an air of community because of the competitive nature of these types of games.

The nearest slots get to this is when a slot tournament is held, and slot players compete for prizes. However, the introduction of a few live slot games has changed this somewhat, and now slot players no longer feel cut off and isolated from the rest of the gambling world, when they choose to play these types of slot games.

Live Slots Explained

Live slots are played out in a game show-style studio setting with a presenter who anchors all the action together. They are also in charge of each spin, whether it is on a wheel-based slot game or a traditional reel-based one. On-screen prompts and timers tell punters when the betting opportunities are open and when they are about to close, and bets are usually placed in the form of betting chips. Here players choose how much they want to wager on each spin which is like traditional slot playing, but the major difference is that the host initiates each spin. There is also a live on-screen chat facility where players can interact with the host and fellow gamblers.

Live Slot Games

Buffalo Blitz is one of the most famous slot games to be given the live slot treatment and the game is played on a 6×4 slot platform. The free games bonus is also active, and players can hit this bonus round courtesy of a lucky host spin. Playtech is the leader in live slot gaming, and they are also famous for their Age of The Gods slot franchise. Age of The Gods: God of Storms has also been given a live slot make-over, but the game is identical to the original slot game release. They have also recently introduced the Fire Blaze Jackpot feature into their slots. The success of this concept may well tempt them into introducing live Fire Blaze Jackpot slots as well.

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