MSF Iso-8 Guides Update: Web-Warriors Complete, Ravagers Underway

Kestrel - MSF Iso-8 has been covering Marvel Strike Force for years now, and when the Envoy program members learned that Iso-8 was in the works for the game our staff vowed to be ready to help guide players through how to best use these character modifications. While Iso-8 has turned out to be more of a progression system or character enhancement, and less of a personalization of characters, how to use MSF’s Iso-8 upgrades on each individual character remains a strategic play. For some, they can spend time getting in-depth with the character kits and how they interact on specific teams, but for many MSF players, we just want a quick bit of “do this” advice. Here at we try to combine the two, telling you why we feel specific classes are better for one character or another while allowing you to make a quick, educated choice.

The newly created Web-Warrior faction includes the original Spider-Man as well as Spider-Man (Miles) along with three new characters – Ghost-Spider, Scarlet Spider and Spider-Punk. The faction is rather unique in their reliance on Dodges and it is easy to make a case to have three Raider class characters. Iso-8 suggestions for all five Web-Warrior characters have been added and are live on the site.

The next faction you will see us add here on is the Ravagers. Once a forgotten faction with Yondu and three worthless minions, the addition of Star-Lord (T’Challa) has revitalized and completed the team. T’Challa himself looks to be an amazing character with the highest Damage stat in the game, but whether or not his Ravager teammates will be strong enough to make them a truly viable team, especially in War, remains to be seen.

Keep checking back here at for updates on the best Iso-8 classes for each Ravager character in the coming week.

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