SWGoH: Iden Version coming to Galaxy of Heroes as first new character of 2022

Iden Version - SWGoH

2022 began almost two weeks ago, and while the team at EA Capital Games took some much-deserved time off to start the year, they are back at it and already moving forward at a strong pace. The first character added in 2022 is Imperial leader Iden Versio, introduced and made popular in Battlefront II video game and the canon novel Battlefront II: Inferno Squad. While it is not yet clear how she will join the game, it was announced on January 12th that Versio will be added as a Marquee character on Thursday.

When it comes to how Iden Versio will fit in, the devs have stated that they want to her to lead a second team of Imperial Troopers to run alongside the General Veers team. As a result, players can expect more importance out of the otherwise forgotten Snowtrooper and Magmatrooper characters. She will be a Dark Side, Leader, Attacker, Empire and Imperial Trooper in the game and feature an Omicron upgrade on her Leader ability which will enhance her abilities in the Grand Arena.

For Iden Versio’s kit check out the Galaxy of Heroes forums.

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