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Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Mission #4 – Characters Available

  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – 197k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Striker
  • Anti-Venom – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – 188k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Healer
  • Shang-Chi – 6 Stars, 6 Red Stars – 180k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Raider
  • Misty Knight – 7 Stars, 5 Red Stars – 170k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Skirmisher
  • Scarlet Spider – 4 Stars, 4 Red Stars – 146k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Raider

06.01.22 – The fourth node of the Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness has 48.9m health across 32 enemies. The battle is not a pleasant one and really ends up being one of those “chip away” battles. Squirrel Girl and Rescue in the front row are my targets, and after the debuffs stick to Rescue a bit more, she becomes the target. I lose my allies in order of weaknes with the weakest first, and so on. In the end, I am able to take away about half of Rescue’s health and that is all as the enemies are too much for me.

Day 2 – Back again and hoping for more significant progress, I have 48.5m health remaining after what appears to have been a more pitiful attempt than I realized. My team checks in at 883k power, and again I go right at Rescue but I am forced to restart a few times to get a more favorable beginning. The combo of Rescue and Squirrel Girl is brutal with my team makeup, and I switch my focus to Squirrel Girl, following my gut after not trusting it yesterday. I land several debuffs and stun her, but get hr to yellow health before the enemies overwhelm my forces, and my crappy perforce will continue tomorrow with 46.3m health and all 32 enemies remaining.

Day 3 –

Day 4 – This should have been my 5th attack but real life got in the way yesterday. I lose Misty Knight before a single turn is taken, but after surviving the opening barrage I am able to get enough hits on Squirrel Girl to finish her off. I am sure this mission would be much easier with a full team of Web Warriors or a better combo of character, but I am toughing through nonetheless. I lose Shang-Chi next but survive long enough to kill off Rescue and Falcon as well before the enemies take out my Symbiotes and finally Scarlet Spider.

Day 5 – It is clear that this lineup of characters is not a great combo, but I have to work with what I have. Plus, my Global characters are not ready yet, so I move forward…

My 883k team is ready to roll and with Black Bolt, Groot and War Machine in yellow to start I go after BB to start and SMS is able to kill him on my 5th attack. I then get Defense Down on Ironheart and take her out to follow, then work my way toward the two War Machine enemies, taking them out one by one and following suit on the two Groot enemies. At 23 enemies left a new wave appears with 8 bad guys to face and I go right after the healers – both of which are Iron Fist. The enemies start to pick me apart and I take an Iron Fist with me leaving 22 enemies and 33.0m health to go in this battle.

Day 6 – Same team, different day. I get an early AoE from Shang-Chi which kills Falcon to start things off better than expected, leaving 21 enemies and 6 on the board. I work around a Luke Cage taunt and kill off Daredevil but lose SMS before Anti-Venom revives SMS just after I kill Luke. Now at 19 enemies, I lose Misty, but I am able to knock out the other Daredevil and then Iron Fist as well to leave just Shang-Chi and Groot. Shang proves to be a pain in the butt to kill, but I get there eventually and 8 enemies join Groot to make my job even tougher. I go right after Squirrel Girl in this lineup as 16 enemies remain, and I lose my own Shang-Chi which sets up Scarlet Spider getting killed as well. Squirrel Girl heals, screwing up my progress, and they slowly pick apart SMS and AV until I am finally dead and the enemies are healed. A very frustrating end to this battle…

Day 7 – Oh yes, this battle. Ugh. I use SMS to get a Bleed debut on 6 enemies and start the attack against the 9 enemies on-screen. Taking the “go after the healer at all costs” mentality, I lay my hits on Squirrel Girl again, taking forever to get her to red health when she of course heals. I lose Misty and SS so I am down to three as I am able to accidentally kill Punisher to at least remove a little of the enemy team’s offense. I continue to hit SG but I am treading water here and finally die with little progress again. 24.6m health remains heading into tomorrow.

Day 8 – The struggle continues, and all of my Team Gear is going toward Global characters, so no reinforcements are in site…

I start the battle going right after Squirrel Girl and land Defense Down immediately. Focusing all attacks on her, I have to work around the annoying summoned minions from Kingpin twice as I get a well-timed Ability Block on SG and finally get her to red Health, landing the kill shot when Shang-Chi’s AoE is up. SMS then takes out Falcon, an adjacent enemy who was already weak from the SG hits, and with Luke Cage and Punisher in low yellow Health they are up next. Once they are out of the way it is clear the direction of this battle, so I remove both Daredevils and look to wrap this wave up with Kingpin and Groot remaining. I work to weaken Kingpin but keep him alive as the last time I saved Groot for the end, the summoned enemies came in and healed him up. This time I get both to red Health, then finish Groot first and Kingpin second. At 7 enemies left the final wave of bad guys come to play. Two Stryfe, Kingpin, two Mr. Sinister, two Killmongers get in there and buff themselves up fast, making this a bad situation, so I only use basics as I prepare for tomorrow with cooldowns reset. They finish me off and that is that. 7 enemies and 13.6m health remain heading into the weekend.

Day 9 – This battle comes several days after the last as my family is on the road on vacation. I leveled Shang-Chi to 7-stars, 6 red, so my team’s power is now 906k. 7 enemies and 13.6m health are all that is in my way from advancing, and the keys to success here are slowing the enemies down and getting as many debuffs as possible while getting AV to buff my team and use special and ultimate abilities. I end up killing one Stryfe before finally losing Misty Knight, then I kill the other Stryfe and add SMS to the bad guy list of the dead. They kill my AV as 4 enemies remain and Kingpin has Defense Down, so he gets my attention. I get rid of Kingpin and Mr. Sinister clones my Scarlet Spider, but I kill the other Mr. Sinister and then finish the enemies off for the win. 500k gold and 10k gold orb fragments is my reward.


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