MSF: Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Mission #11 Walkthrough & Live Blog

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Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Mission #11 – Characters Available

  • Silver Surfer – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Level 87 – 215k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Raider
  • Sersi – 5 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Level 87 – 177k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Skirmisher
  • Ravager Stitcher – 7 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Level 87 – 177k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Healer
  • Ikaris – 5 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Level 87 – 175k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Striker
  • Star-Lord (T’Challa) – 5 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Level 87 – 167k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Striker


07.15.22 – Keeping T’Challa as a Striker, as opposed to my preferred Skirmisher class in other MSF game modes, my 914k team goes into battle against 29 enemies with a total of 66.1m health. I go all-in on Doctor Strange to start, working through him and Beast then hitting the attackers. At 26 enemies left reinforcements arrive already, as I focus on the newly-added Black Bolt and Loki enemies. At 20 enemies left the new group appears and I make good progress on Squirrel Girl before the enemies finish me off.

Attack #2 – After a strong start yesterday my 914k team has 20 of 29 enemies left with a total of 41.7m health to go. I finish off Squirrel Girl and then lose RS first then stun Zemo and focus in on Beast, killing him and Rocket. T’Challa steals ability energy from Zemo and finish him off as well. Now 16 enemies remain with America Chavez, Spidey Miles and Groot left, so I take them out one by one. When I finish them off at 13/29 enemies, 7 bad guys appear and a Greg minion. I start with a stun of Ghost Rider and hit Loki down to yellow before a Silver Surfer AoE weakens them all and Sersi kills Loki. The enemies cleanse and kill $$ and T’Challa. The Eternals kill Psylocke and I get Hela down to red health as they finish me off.

Attack #3 – 20.7m health and 12 enemies remain and I start with Hela at red health and kill her off along with Greg, then take out Spidey Miles and SMS as 8 enemies remain. At this point, with Ms. Marvel and Ghost Rider are the two on-screen and 8 of 29 enemies remain so I look to weaken both enemies to low red health to prepare for the reinforcements that could come at any time. Surprisingly, I have to kill them both to get the last group to arrive, and when they do it includes two Bishop enemies, Jubilee, Loki, Beast and Hela with her buddy Greg. I weaken these 7 with a variety of hits, including the Ikaris ultimate attack, but they are too much for my team.

Attack #4 – 8.4m health remains on the 6+1 enemies on-screen and I restart several times as they mind control me and kill T’Challa each time. I finally accept my fate after 5 tries to not have him die, and I go right after Beast, killing him quickly. I decide to take out one of the Bishop enemies next and then lose RS just before killing Hela and Greg as just 3 enemies remain. My three heroes the other Bishop, and as I kill him I narrowly escape having my Ikaris killed. AT this point though I kill Loki and have a 3 vs 1 and I am able to overwhelm the opposing Jubilee for the win and the 500k gold and 5k Elite 5 Credits that come with it.




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