MSF Counters: How to Beat the Web-Warrior Team

Bionic Avengers - MSF

Welcome commanders! Today we are talking counters, and many of these will work in Alliance Wars or Cosmic Crucible. No, I’m not talking about the poor ducks chained to a life of indentured servitude, accounting for Scrooge McDucks fortunes (I’m pretty sure that’s the plot of DuckTales). I’m talking counters that allow for some huge, juicy, punch-up power plays that will leave your alliance members mouths agape. Well close your holes mouth breathers because here’s a counter you can all use!

Bionic Avengers vs Web-Warriors - MSF Dodge? Do or do not, there is no dodge. That’s right, the best counter to those elusive Web Warriors is to take away their annoying dodges with the Bionic Avengers unavoidable attacks! As long as you can withstand their first attack you will have no problem crushing this team. Along with their unavoidable onslaught, you have one of my favorite combos in the game with Viv-Visions Solar Strafe going into an Iron Man triple axel pirouette Rocket Barrage! This brutal attack not only does a hefty amount of damage but also increases the blind durations from Viv’s initial attack. Remember, her blind attack strikes in a line, either front or back rows, so make sure you make the most out of it! With this team I’ve done punch ups of almost double! Besides that Kamehameha blast you also have devastating unavoidable AOE from Vision, Deathlok, and Hulkbuster! One key thing to remember is that to make these attacks unavoidable you typically need 3 or more Bionic Avengers on the team.

This combo will still work on the new hybrid team you’ll see in War and Cosmic Crucible, with Web Warriors with Spider-Weaver, however you may be in for a sticky situation if Weaver stuns Viv on her first turn. For those pure WW d’s you’ll see, prepare to wreak havoc! With great power comes great responsibility commanders, use it well!


By: JB, Staff Writer
Twitter: MGF_JB
YouTube: Grind Force Gaming

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