MSF: New update adds Web Warriors faction, stat updates, new costumes and more

Marvel Strike Force

The latest update is here in Marvel Strike Force with version 5.9.0 and includes several new characters and updates. Most notable in this update is the addition of the Web Warriors faction and Ghost-Spider, Spider-Punk and Scarlet Spider as the new characters from that faction joining MSF. Two other new characters joining the game in this update are Uncanny X-Men member Magik, and the first member of the What If…? series in Star-Lord (T’Challa). In addition the devs have also added ability and stats improvements for Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Miles), Storm, Cyclops, Colossus, Yondu, Ravager Boomer, Ravager Bruiser, and Ravager Stitcher.

Version 5.9.0 is now live after a download update and the servers are back up. For the entire blog post on the MSF site click the link for the details.

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