SWGoH: Krayt Dragon Raid details, new Capital Ship & more released in newest The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead - SWGoH

The second week of April has been packed full of information as the team at EA Capital Games is hard at work behind the scenes preparing us for what looks to be an exciting summer filled with a lot of new content, characters and more. After the release of the Datacron Set 8 details on Tuesday, on Wednesday we learned of a new ship, new Fleet loadouts for easier selecting of specific Fleet combinations, a new Capital Ship that will be META-defining and we got The Road Ahead with details on the highly-anticipated Krayt Dragon Raid. A quick look at each of these:

Darth Malgus’ new Fury-Class Interceptor – The Fury-Class Interceptor is a Sith Empire support ship piloted by Darth Malgus, and will be a Conquest reward starting next week. It is described by EA Capital Games as the “cornerstone of a new, META-defining, Sith Fleet,” and is set to massively buff the B-28 Extinction-Class Bomber.

Fleet Management – Fleet Management in SWGoH has been a topic for years, and we will be getting the ability to save Fleet combinations in-game shortly. This will help players use more specific counters and better organize their Fleets for Territory Wars, GAC, the Rise of the Empire Territory Battle and more.

New Capital Ship – Darth Revan will command the newest Capital Ship, the Leviathan, in SWGoH. The Leviathan will lead the Sith and Sith Empire to new heights in SWGoH and “will turn the tide of battle with an Ultimate that will bring even the strongest fleets crashing down.”

Krayt Dragon Raid Update – The much-anticipated Krayt Dragon Raid is set to join Galaxy of Heroes soon, and with the announce one week downtime of Raids in late April and it is expected that the Krayt Dragon Raid will be live when the Raids come back up in early May.


For the complete Road Ahead for April 2023, visit the EA Galaxy of Heroes forums.

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