MSF: Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness – Mission #1 Walkthrough & Live Blog

MSF - Dark Dimension 6

The first missions of the Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness has 34 enemies and 263 million health to work through. My team of Gambit, Wong, Scarlet Spider, Kang The Conqueror and Maria Hill checks in at 1,902,236 power and barely made a scratch in 2 days of attacks, with Day 2 seeing the team lose progress. Some slight upgrades brought them to 1,922,187 for Day 3. All of this is part of the Dark Dimension 6 Live Blogs & Walkthroughs.

There really is not much to speak of with this lineup of characters. After two days of thinking I would target Iron Fist, he healed up and I lost all progress. But Day 3 I had ultimates ready for both Kang and Scarlet Spider, and with Gambit’s counter attacks, I was able to kill off my first enemy, the SHIELD Operative to leave 256.5m health heading into Day 4.

Waiting in the wings close to Gear 18 are a 5-star Titania who is one piece away and Kestrel, Shang-Chi, Sharon Carter and Captain America (Sam) each need three gear pieces.

Day 4 started with 256m health to go and this is looking like it will take several weeks with this makeup of characters. I lose Wong very quickly and Gambit seems focused on Crystal, so I look to lower her health for tomorrow, but I make zero statistical progress for this attack.

Day 5’s attack is much better than Day 4, as I get the Heal Block on Crystal and Gambit stays under Stealth which allows for several counter attacks as Crystal’s health continues to decline. I save Gambit’s ultimate for another day and do as much damage as I can, dropping the enemies to 252.9m health as 33 enemies remain.

My 6th and 7th attacks begin at 248.6m health and I am able to finish off Crystal right away. Now seeking a target, Gambit seems focused on Black Bolt so I start pointing attacks in his direction. I lose Maria and Kang quickly and after a couple of light attacks on BB I am finished off to end attack #6. For #7 I continue the BB attacks, getting him to about 40% health before dying.

For my 8th attack I begin against 32 enemies with a total of 246m Health and my team remains at 1.922m power. Gambit counters an attack and applies Heal Block on Black Bolt and Kang’s ultimate weakens all of the enemies. I lose Maria Hill right away and SS hits BB then Gambit uses his middle attack targeting BB as he is in low red health, then Wong’s second attack finishes Black Bolt off with the Iso-8 bonus attack. From here the enemies take over and get their revenge, killing my remaining characters before I can attack again, but I now have 31 enemies and 243.7m Health to go.

For my 9th attack, I now have Titania as an option and I test her out in place of Maria Hill to start, leaving me at 1.833m power. Facing 31 enemies, Kang, Titania and Wong start with Defense Up, where with Maria, Kang does not start with Defense Up. This alone places a ton of value on Titania IMO. Knowing the enemy Kang has his ultimate ready, I use basics today to set up future battles as my team is not as quick to die and this allows Gambit to get the enemy Crystal to red health before I am done.

For the 10th attack, the 31 enemies start with 237m Health. I again choose Titania over Maria Hill and watch as Gambit Heal Blocks Crystal, so I use Kang’s special to hit her and Slow adjacent enemies. I start hitting Yo-Yo and lose Kang and Titania first, then the wheels fall off. In the end I have 30 enemies and 231m Health remaining after the battle.

Attack 11 as this really, really is a tedious battle. I will say that adding Titania over Maria Hill is a nice boost, and I have upgraded Titania to 6 red stars so she is at 322k power now. My team checks in at 1,887,649 for this battle as I face 30 enemies and 231m health and 6 enemies remain on-screen. Yo-yo is now my target and a basic from Kang gets her down to yellow as Gambit’s consistent attacks are a bright spot with this team I have assembled. I lose Wong, and finish Yo-yo off. Gambit targets Kang next, and I lose SS leaving my Kang, Titania and Gambit. I get a few more hits in on the enemy Kang and then get wiped out, leaving 29 enemies and 228m Health.

For my 12th attack, seemingly on the way to 50+, I start with 5 enemies on the screen and work on weakening the enemy Kang, who gets an ultimate off and makes me hate the game. I use nothing but basic attacks, get the enemy Kang into red health, and wait for another day.

Back again for my daily beat-down as I near ever so close to adding a 7th Gear 18 character with Kestrel. For now I stick with the five I have been using for a few days now as Titania is a nice upgrade over Maria Hill. I check in at 1.904m power after som upgrades and still have 29 enemies and 222m health to go. Five enemies are on-screen with Kang in red and the other four at full health – Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Jessica Jones and Moonstone. I test using Kang’s ultimate to start and the special (2nd) ability and end up taking a run that used the ultimate as I was able to kill off the enemy Kang quicker. I lose my Kang and Wong, then focus on Iron Fist and use the enemy attacks against them with Gambit, killing Iron Fist before they finish off my Gambit to cap off my most successful attack to date.

Attack 14 will start with 208m health and 27 enemies after what I consider a strong day yesterday as just 3 enemies are on-screen now. I use Kang’s middle attack to hit Shang-Chi, JJ and Moonstone and apply Slow to two of them. I put all of my hits on Shang-Chi, getting him to yellow before JJ cleanses, then continue the barrage, finishing him off as reinforcements arrive. Now with 10 on-screen, I focus on JJ as her cleanse is a pain and a new JJ appeared as well. I lose SS to a Captain Marvel ultimate, but keep fighting on, losing Titania on the same turn that killed the enemy JJ. Now 25 enemies remain and Kang his a SHIELD Trooper who had Defense Down which gets him into yellow right away, then the enemies overwhelm my team and finish me off. 25 enemies and 188m health remain after my two most impactful attacks on consecutive days.

Hoping for more of the same recent progress, attack 15 begins with 10 enemies on-screen and 25 left overall. The opening attacks from the enemies result in a Gambit killing the weak SHIELD Trooper as I restart a few times for a more favorable outcome and finally settle in on losing Wong in the same barrage of attacks. My Gambit attacks are all on Moonstone, but Absorbing Man’s taunt alters my plans a bit and I die with Moonstone in low green health and nothing more to speak of. 24 enemies and 187m health await me tomorrow after very little real progress.

It is a new day and my 16th attack is here. This is really a tedious start to the Shifting Darkness version of the Dark Dimension, but MSF is a grind and this is the biggest grind I have experienced so far in ~6 years of playing. Gambit has a real thing for Moonstone, and the only significant damage I do comes from Gambit’s continued attacks. I get a couple of basics in, lose Titania first, then watch my team get picked off, 1 by 1, until Gambit is finally killed too. In the end the same 24 enemies remain, with Moonstone in yellow health, and 178m health left.

Attack 17. I keep telling myself that there is progress being made, and for every guide I do there is always someone doing far better and someone doing far worse… My team with 1.904m power heads into battle and before I take a single turn, Gambit has the enemy Moonstone into red health and my Wong is dead from a barrage of attacks. Absorbing Man taunts to slow down my attempt to kill off Moonstone, and Titania copies his buffs and an ultimate from SS weakens the enemies and drops a SHIELD Trooper into yellow health. I cannot seem to finish off Moonstone as she gains some Barrier, but use a Gambit special to hit adjacent targets and while I do not get any kills today, I knock off 9m health to leave 24 enemies and 169m health for tomorrow.

Back again for Attack #18 as I remain at 1.904m power and have 24 enemies left. To enemy attacks in and Gambit kills Moonstone then starts in on the SHIELD Trooper, and a Kang ultimate kills him as I am down to 22 enemies left and 8 on-screen. I put my hits on the taunting SHIELD Security on the left side, who has another SHIELD Trooper behind him, and after a couple of attacks that hit adjacent targets, Gambit counters and kills him as well. I continue to focus on the SS and lose my Scarlet Spider and Kang, then Titania as well. The enemies start a bunch of consecutive attacks, but Colleen Wing takes a ton of damage from Gambit as a result and dies just before I am finished off.

150m health across 20 enemies, 5 on-screen, awaits me for attack #19 after yesterday’s attack was my best to date. Gambit chooses my target – Jessica Jones – and before I get an attack in she is in red health. I lose Wong just before killing JJ then my team falls apart fast. In the end I get SHIELD Security into yellow health as I finish with 19 enemies and 144m health left.

Once again I start a battle with Absorbing Man taunting, but SS is the weakest link, so I look to say goodbye to him ASAP with Gambit’s retaliatory attacks. A counter from Titania ends up being the finishing blow as I decide to get hits in on Nico while Gambit continues to annoy AM. I get a few basics on Nico and start to make slow progress, then AM taunts again and I get him to red health before they finish me off. With enough energy to refresh and heal, I start at 136m health and 18 enemies and attack for a second time today, but Cpt Marvel’s ultimate makes the beginning of this battle a mess. I finally get a battle where I finish him off before losing anyone, so I run with it and focus in Nico next. My team takes several hits but is hanging on in this 5 v 3 match-up, and a SS ultimate helps remove Nico’s Defense Up as I lose Kang first. I get Nico below 50% health as the wheels fall off and the enemies overwhelm my team.

Attack #22 will start with 17 enemies and 129m health to go. I start with 3 enemies on-screen as I look to take out Nico Minoru as she is quickly in red health. I land a couple of hits and take several more including an ultimate from Captain Marvel, and when I kill Nico I have all 5 alive. A few hits on CM and I lose Wong, but Kang’s offense is key to getting CM below 50% health. I lose SS just before killing CM and now have to contend with a 3 v1 as I look to remove Titania, the one enemy of the 15 remaining who is left on my screen currently. Titania’s counter attacks hurt my Gambit, Titania and Kang, and she ends up killing my Titania before I finish her off. Now with 14 enemies remaining, 9 new enemies arrive and I just use basics on Absorbing Man until they finish me off.

Attack #23 will start with 14 enemies and 102m health to go. With 9 on-screen enemies now, this will not be easy and I take a Kang ultimate right away and see things start to unravel. However, I focus efforts on the SHIELD Medic, get her into red health and Gambit finishes her off just before I am killed off myself, leaving 13 enemies and 95m health for tomorrow.

My 24th attack, yes, almost of month of this, will have a new face as I add Kestrel to the mix. She checks in at 391k power at Gear 18 and Iso-8 Raider T2, level 5. I plan to test her out in place of Scarlet Spider and Wong and see how it goes. I test with Kestrel in place of each and settle in on my original lineup, with Kestrel in place of Wong. I am able to use the counters from Kestrel and Gambit to weaken first the SHIELD Operative, then Crystal and kill the SO leaving 12 enemies and 79.9m health after my attack.

September 1st is upon us and I am attacking for the 25th time, starting with 12 enemies and 79.9m health, and 7 of those enemies on-screen in the forms of Absorbing Man, Black Bolt, Kang, Crystal, Luke Cage, Shang-Chi and Colleen Wing. Crystal is Gambit’s target, but AM is taunting to start, and I test out some combos, settling on Wong in place of SS. I let this attack play out and find it better than the others, while still sucky. In the end I am able to get Crystal down to low red health and Black Bolt to yellow before the enemies overwhelm my team, leaving 12 enemies and 73.7m health for tomorrow.

Attack 26 and I start with 7 enemies on-screen, two in yellow and one in red health, so I will focus on them. Kang hits AM with a basic and kills Crystal with his follow-up shot, and 11 enemies remain with 6 on-screen. SS uses his ultimate, and we start trading big blows. Gambit keeps hitting BB and gets him to red as I lose Kestrel, then Kang, but Gambit finally gets the kill before they finish me off. 10 enemies and 72.2m health remain for tomorrow as I continue to chip away at the iceberg.

Back again and I test out a couple of different starts with Wong and SS in the lineup. Each sees Kang hit AM and get him into red health early, but some variations have Gambit taking too much damage early which I cannot afford to allow. My best attack involves Wong helping out as Gambit finishes off one AM and I get the SHIELD Trooper to yellow before Crystal’s ultimate finishes me off leaving 9 enemies and 60.8m health.

I start with the SHIELD Trooper as the weakest on-screen and he is in red health with a single Gambit counter. I land a Kang special and it is Kestrel who finished ST off with her basic while targeting the taunting Absorbing Man. I continue to focus on the left side enemies as Crystal is Gambit’s appointed next target (she was the weakest remaining enemy), and the enemies get their turn, taking my team out one-by-one as Gambit continues to counter them all. Crystal is in yellow health when I die, leaving 8 enemies and 52m health.

Knowing I am close to that day where everything unravels for the enemies and goes my way is tempting, but I also realize from these battles that I am a few days off from that happening. I start my 29th battle with SS as my 5th this time and I trade ultimates with the enemy Kang first, and mine second. This allows a Gambit counter to kill Crystal and Kestrel to hit the enemy Kang to help keep my focus on him. I lose my Kang and Titania first, then the wheels fall off as Gambit keeps countering throughout, getting the enemy Kang within a hit or two of being terminated as I end with 7 enemies and 43.6m health left.

30th battle. Yeah, either I suck at this, I have the wrong team, or this is simply crazy hard. Or all of those things. Anyway, my 30th battle looks a lot like most of my recent battles, try to take out a single target and weaken another before I die. In this battle, their Kang attacks and then Shang-Chi does his crazy AoE, but I kill their Kang with Gambit leaving 6 enemies to kill. Absorbing Man is that next target for me and I get him into yellow health before this predictable battle ends, leaving 39.6m health across 6 enemies.

I head into Battle #31 with one main goal – kill Absorbing Man. This will then allow me to focus down anyone I want, so he must die today. I start with Kang’s basic and Kestrel’s ultimate to remove buffs and apply Defense Down, and I test this start with Wong, Maria and SS before settling on Maria as the 5th member of my team today. Maria Hill’s ultimate comes up at a good time to cleanse and heal, and while the AoE gets her killed by counter-attacks, it sets up the downfall of Absorbing Man. Now 5 enemies remain and I go ahead and hit Luke Cage next, getting him to 50% health with 4 members left in my party. As I type I look down and see I am now done somehow, guessing that Shang-Chi had a major part in how this played out.

5 enemies and 36.3m health remain and I plan to do my typical start the fight, reset, change my 5th member, try again, etc. However today’s attack starts strong so I run with it with SS as my 5th member. Kang’s special slows Shang-Chi, Luke Cage and Colleen Wing, Titania gets a basic and Kestrel uses her special as SS kills Luke off and uses his AoE ultimate followed by a bonus hit from a charged Kestrel. The enemies attack and Gambit retaliates, killing Colleen Wing and 3 enemies remain – Shang- Chi, Titania and Moonstone. I go all-in on Shang-Chi, taking advantage of the Slow and Defense Down debuffs on him, and divert my attention for a second to Moonstone for Titania to hit her with an ultimate for the Ability Block. The enemy Titania hits my Titania hard, and Gambit’s reaction kills Shang-Chi leaving 2 enemies. I lose SS as I am hitting Moonstone with basics to setup Gambit and Kestrel’s ultimates, and Kang’s ultimate and Gambit’s special help me finish off Moonstone. Now just Titania is left versus my Kang, Kestrel and Gambit and her consistent counters are my biggest concern along with her ability to cleanse. While she gets some good hits in to weaken my three, my offense is too much and I pickup the win, scoring 1.25m Gold and 50 Augmented Syringes after 32 attacks.

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