MSF: Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness – Mission #8 Walkthrough & Live Blog

MSF - Dark Dimension 6

The 8th mission of the Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness has 30 enemies and 215 million health to work through. Like before, we now have specific groups to use, with Missions 6, 7 & 8 requiring Cosmic characters. My team available to start is Kang the Conqueror, Kestrel, Dormammu, Ravager Stitcher & Nebula as I continue the Dark Dimension 6 Live Blogs & Walkthroughs. Ikaris is Gear 17 needing 2 pieces and Sersi needing 4 pieces to join this group, but now that I am down to this final Cosmic board, I will likely tough it out and save the gear for City or other factions needed.

I start off the 8th mission with my team of Kang the Conqueror (Raider), Kestrel (Raider), Dormammu (Striker), Ravager Stitcher (Healer) & Nebula (Skirmisher) for a total of 2,045,553 power as I face 30 enemies with a total of 215m health. All of my characters except Dormammu are at 7-red stars (dorm is at 6-red stars) and at least Iso-8, Level 2, Tier 4 but Kang is 2-diamonds and Kestrel is at 1-diamond.

To the battle, 9 of the 30 enemies are on-screen with Mercenary Lieutenant, Omega Red and Doc Strange Heartless being my main targets. I feel like Merc Lieutenant will be one I can kill off quicker and does well to buff his teammates, so I try one battle with him as my target and it goes terribly wrong losing Kang early. I restart and try hitting Omega Red and end up getting two Kang attacks and a kill of one Mercenary in the front while weakening the group and getting the Mercenary Lieutenant to red health. By the time I attack again, Silver Samurai is full of Barrier and taunting, but Kang’s basic hits him and the follow-up attack kills ML. Unfortunately for me that is all I can accomplish as the enemies are too much from this point as I end the battle with 28 enemies and 195m health to go.

Back at it for a second time and any progress on Omega Red yesterday is pretty much gone. As a result I have to remove the healers and Scarlet Witch is beside OR and is my target. After Nebula starts things off, Kang gets an ultimate and Kestrel a special to get SW to red health. A Dormammu special adds Trauma to OR and kills Scarlet Witch and Wong, Kingpin and Mercenary Sniper are all in yellow health. An ultimate from Doc Strang Heartless is crazy strong, and while Kestrel’s basic kills Kingpin, the enemies are able to kill Kang and Ravager Stitcher as I continue on with just 3 vs. 26 enemies, 5 of which are on-screen. Kestrel follows a Nebula basic with a charged follow-up attack to kill Merc Sniper, and I lose Dormammu on the next enemy attack. From here I use basics until it is over as 25 enemies remain with a total of 175m health.

My 3rd attempt is on the same day as #2 was thanks to a fully replenished stock of Dark Energy and I am back at it. Two taunting tanks and two strong attackers remain and I have to get the offense out of here. I decide to go away from the Omega Red focus and go after DSH and Silver Samurai on the left side, and most of the damage on SS comes from Kestrel’s charged follow-up attacks. After weakening both severely, Kang’s special is what kills both as 23 enemies remain and just two are on-screen at the moment. I place all of my hits on the attacker once again, this time Omega Red, while Kestrel takes down Wong’s health with her passive. With OR at about 55% health I kill Wong as it is clear that reinforcements are not coming until OR is dead. Feeling no urgency, I use basics until he is dead and at 21 enemies left a new group arrives, lead by Apocalypse and Red Hulk. I see a Merc Lieutenant and Scarlet Witch, and will go back to my old strategy I have used since Dark Dimension I – kill the healers first. A Dormammu ult and a Kestrel special do big damage and the Kestrel attack even kills a character I was ignoring in the front right of the screen. I finish off SW as 19 enemies remain and a Kang cult sets up the end for Merc Lieutenant. I take several hits that debuff my entire team and force the revives but I finish off the Mercenary tank/taunter whose name escapes me at the moment. Now 17 enemies remain as I lose Kestrel and hit Lady Deathstrike. Just as I get her to red health the enemies go ballistic and finish me off, leaving 18 enemies and 116m health.

After making good, solid progress in each of the first 3 attacks, I start getting nervous about my not-yet-ready City characters. Facing 17 total enemies and just 4 on-screen, I play a couple of test runs to see if reinforcements will arrive after killing either Lady Deathstrike or Agatha and how quickly I can kill LD and move on to Red Hulk and Apocalypse. After getting a feel for how this can go, I have Nebula and Kang kill LD immediately to negate her attempts to take a turn and heal up, then I focus on Red Hulk, using Dormammu’s special to stun and contain him. I am able to make surprisingly quick work of RH and move on to Apocalypse since Agatha is under stealth. I get Apocalyptic down to yellow health and Nebula uses her one revive, then a Dormammu ultimate and Iso-8 bonus attack are enough to kill him, leaving just Agatha for a few seconds before 7 enemies arrive as reinforcements. Now 14 total enemies remain and Kang uses his ultimate which kills Agatha and I start trying to decide who to go after – Scarlet Witch or Taskmaster, the latter of which is the weakest on-screen. Dormammu makes the choice of Taskmaster and this proves to be a good move as I kill him before the big enemy barrage of hits. All five survive the enemy attacks, and Kang is up with his basic, targeting SW, which gets her to red health. The enemies go nuts on me killing Nebula, but Kang gets one more basic and the follow-up kills Scarlet Witch to bring the enemy count to 11. This proves to be all I can do offensively as they overwhelm me and finish me off without another turn. In the end, 11 enemies and 72.0m health remains.

Battle #5 sees me face 7 on-screen enemies as I focus in on the Mercenary Lieutenant given his ability to buff and heal his allies, however each time I finish him off early results in my characters getting killed quickly and my making very little to no other progress. After maybe 10 starts I find a battle I am more comfortable with, killing ML and eventually also killing Silver Samurai to get to 9 enemies left. This prompts reinforcements to come and then results in my attacks doing nothing and a glitch in the game killing my characters without an animation of an attack to follow. In the end I have 9 enemies and 60.6m health to go.

As I look to close this one out, 9 enemies remain with 5 on-screen before my first attack and the Mercenary Sniper in the back gets the focus as I look for an easy kill. Surprisingly, reinforcements do not arrive until after I kill the Merc Sniper and then struggle to know what direction to go next. I stun Omega Red and then get a Kang ultimate to debuff the enemies even more. From here I decide that Wong is my target, and after a couple of moves I get a Dormammu ultimate, but Wong holds on for several turns as I use up my revives and lose Nebula before finally killing him. Ravager Stitcher uses a heal to help the team and kill off one of the Lady Deathstrike enemies as 6 remain. A basic from Kang comes after a new Doc Strange Heartless appears, and a special from Kang kills two – a Doctor Strange Heartless and Lady Deathstrike on the right side. Now 4 enemies remain as I am down to just Kang and Dormammu on my side, and I get basics from both and Iso-8 bonus attacks to kill Omega Red. Dormammu dies and it is Kang versus 3 enemies, so I land a basic on the weakest enemy, Silver Samurai getting a kill on the follow-up shot. This is all I can muster as MLF and Doctor Strange (Heartless) finish me off as 2 enemies and 15.9m health remains.

Doctor Strange (Heartless) comes in at about 70% health and Morgan Le Fay is 100%. MLF’s first move uses use the revives for Nebula, Kestrel and RS, and I land a couple of basics and it does not look good. But Kestrel’s special and Dormammu as well do damage and stun DSH as I start piling hits in DSH with Kang landing the killing blow. MLF kills Kestrel, but I get her to 50% health with a Dormammu ultimate and thanks to Kang’s offense I am able to kill her for the prize of 2,500 Elite 5 Credits (basically worthless to me at this point in the game), 1.25m gold and 50 Augmented Mythic Geodes.

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