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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite offers players a variety of challenges throughout the game. From fighting in Wizarding Challenges (Fortresses) and adding Foundables to the Registry, to accomplishing the SOS Assignments, Brilliant Events and Achievements, players of HPWU have many thing to keep them busy. As a part of our HPWU questions answered series we seek to take a deeper dive into the many Achievements in the game and to define each of the Achievements, from the simple to the complex.

HPWU - Strategic Spells CastIn this article we take a look at the Strategic Spells Cast Achievement, possibly the unknown metric in the Achievements section of HPWU.


Strategic Spells Cast

Strategic Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are the four spells unique to your Profession. The Auror features 3 Hexes and a Charm, the Magizoologist has 4 Charms and the Professor has 3 Charms and a Hex. Charms enhance your teammates in Wizarding Challenges on anything from increased Defense to Healing, while Hexes impair your foes in battle. When leveled up these enhancements and impairments can greatly impact your Wizarding Challenge (Fortress) battles and be the difference in a Win and a Loss.

HPWU - ProfessorAny time these Strategic Spells are used in a Wizarding Challenge (Fortress) battle it counts toward your Achievement, which maxes out at 3,000 as seen in the photo to the right. When you reach 3,000 Strategic Spells Cast the reward is one of the best Achievement rewards available – 15 Red Spell Books. Thus, the use of the Professor’s Healing and Defense Charms count once for each use in battle, while an Auror can give out focus time and time again in a Fortress battle.

Looking at this strategically, it is clear that of the three Professions in HPWU, the Auror is at a huge advantage on this specific Achievement. In my family we have one member of each Profession and often fight Wizarding Challenges together. After two months of daily play on all three accounts, our Auror accomplished the 3,000 Strategic Spells Cast Achievement easily while our Professor and Magizoologist remained at ~1,200 and ~1,400 respectively after 60 days of play. This is due to the fact that the Auror is consistently giving our Focus to their teammates throughout Fotress battles, many times using Strategic Spells 10+ times in each battle.


Strategic Spells Cast Work Around?

A work around or even “cheat” exists for this Achievement, and since 15 Red Spell Books are the prize we can see why this would be tempting. This was explained in this post on Reddit that I read a while back, and we do not advocate any loopholes that may exist, there is no evidence that this is actual cheating. In a nutshell, two Aurors can enter a Wizarding Challenge and simply send focus back and forth to one another for the entire battle, never even fighting any of the foes. The cost would then be only a single Runestone and this can net several hundred Strategic Spells Cast in a single Fortress battle if done right.


That is all for today’s look at Achievements in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. f you have a solution that we have not addressed on our site be sure to follow us @GamingFansDFN on Twitter and tag us with your findings and we will be happy to credit you if you help us make the community understand the game even better.

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