Territory Wars Guide

Updates to our Territory Wars guide are in the works. 

With special thanks to all the SWGoH streamers and content makers out there who put all these ideas in my head. Many of these ideas were generated by others, I just hope that this guide helps put it all in one place for everyone’s use.

By its0v3r9000 of the Galactic Alliance.


Overall Strategy:

This TW guide is a look into how to setup TW defenses, attack effectively, and plan out your teams for success. It has been created from the perspective of a guild approaching 100 million galactic power – so our players have an average of 2m GP. Hopefully for anyone not in that range this can start you in the right direction and provide some useful insights.

The current Territory War meta has evolved from the early days of all out offense and ties, into a defense-heavy strategy that uses a couple crucial teams that the AI can play well (AKA not screw up entirely). This means building teams that excel on defense and constructing offensive teams that can counter the current TW meta. However, the key to success is not just what to place, but placing in accordance to what your roster can bare and being flexible with your choices so you don’t impact other critical teams.

Thus, the first and most important step for being a successful player in Territory Wars is making your teams in advance. What many find helpful is using the squad planner and making a TW Offense and Defense tab. The goal is to make teams that don’t poach characters from each other, while being mindful of the strategy and character types that those teams need to succeed.

Once you have made those tabs in your squad planner (either in the game or in swgoh.gg), you are ready to get started. And remember, if you don’t have these teams exactly, that’s OK. Take the themes of the teams and run with them! Just remember to plan ahead and think about what you can field to take on the current TW defense meta.

This guide breaks down the following into deep detail:

Let’s get started: Defense Phase Tips

Last Updated: 2/6/2018