SWGoH 101: Territory Wars Guide – Counter Teams

Countering the Popular Teams

A big part of the Offense Phase is picking the right tools for the job. Above we talked about which teams are great to attack with, and who you should attack, but let’s just recap from the perspective of what teams are popular and which tool you should bring.

And remember, always check the speeds of the team you are going to fight, if they are high GP. You will find that many top defensive teams don’t have the best mods and that can give you and edge!

CLS Lead: Most likely you are going to have to beat about 40-50 of these to win a TW. This can be a rough fight and a total waste of good teams if you bring the wrong stuff to the fight. The goal is to either overpower them with a better team, or use daze and stun to chisel away at single targets, or use stealth to avoid the counters all together. As you will see, these are all very good teams, which is why CLS is so good on defense: he requires a great team to beat.
Counters include:

  • zJTR: Just takes a dump all over CLS, especially if you rock some robots and double tank. They can’t outpace your TM gain and illuminated destiny will take the JTR all the way. K2S0’s daze can be very good. Daze a target, then murder it, then daze the next one, rinse and repeat.
  • Rex Lead: This is less of a hard counter, and more of an evening up of the field. For Rex to shine you need to add r2 or a source of daze to stop the counter attacks. The downside is that you are using an amazing zMaul counter. Rex, Chaze, R2, Nihilus is an easy go to.
  • GK + zBarriss: If they are not on defense bring em in here. Them plus a daze and a protected dmg dealer/nihilus can end CLS
  • Thrawn: With Shore, Death, Krennic, and Tarkin (or another Empire) can beat CLS handily. I personally use Krennic’s leadership because I have it zeta’d. Fracture a target, then murder it, over and over.
  • The Nute: Want to just laugh in the face of that 100k team? Unleash the Nute. AND LAUGH. Pro tip, try and find one without Raid Han. Worse comes to worse they kill only a couple of characters. But you just used jank to take out premium characters.
  • zFinn: If you are going to use resistance here it helps to bring an R2. Pray for Raid Han to shoot anyone but Poe. Kill R2 as fast as possible so they can stop that cleansing BS. Its a super tough fight but can be done. (better to save for GK+zBarriss)
  • Nightsisters: The Nightsisters can beat CLS, but you just have to time your aoe abilities around the zombie taunts or bring a GK to help soak up the retaliates (especially if you split with Nute). Not a tough fight if your sisters are geared and fast.
  • Probe Droid: A GREAT counter to R2 powered CLS teams, or any team that is operating on buff insanity.

GK + zBarriss: Countering this team is a bit of a grind. The obvious path to victory is by shutting down GK with buff block and going after zBarriss or R2, or by using a strong attacker to overcome the auto healing, or by overcoming the auto healing by using a non-crit team or heal block.
Counters include:

  • zJTR: Like we said, she counters everything. This is perhaps her best matchup, just don’t get overconfident. It still takes correct decisions to win and a misplay could lead a Thrawn or Nihilus to catch your JTR unprotected.
  • Nihilus: Nothing stomps on zBarriss by not being able to crit at all. With Nihilus lead just load up on good sith and go nuts, and fall in love with Nihilus all over again. Or add Nihilus to Rex to Annihilate your way to victory.
  • Thrawn: Another reason to try and keep this team on offense. The use of Fracture and DT heal block can solve the GK problem very quickly.
  • zVader: An interesting use for a slow, but effective character. Use zVader with Boba + 3 (emperor, TFP, Royal Guard, DT/Krennic/Tarkin, etc) to pile on debuffs into a massive one shot kill. Insta heals and auto tanking be damned.
  • Rex Lead: Again Rex pops up. In this case you are looking to make your Nihilus go faster then their Nihilus and keep it alive with Chaze.
  • Finn: Great against GK and zBarriss. You can have your day ruined by Raid Han shooting Poe. But if you learn to play this team right it can take out GK+zBarriss teams of much higher power.

zJTR: This is going to be a tough battle. There are a few counters, but none of the battles are super easy, well except maybe Nightsisters.
Counters include:

  • Rex Lead: Three teams, three counters. This is why Rex is always on offense. However, the current Rex counter to JTR is Rex, Thrawn, CLS, Raid Han, GK/Nihilus. That’s a lot of great build around toons. The goal is to try and skate by with pieces missing, or at least take out some of the JTR team.
  • The Nute: Yup. It can be done. Just be weary of R2 flaming nonsense. But, zLeia and Acolyte can live through R2 burns, it’s just the exposes that can get nasty. Double tank can really help against the initial robot onslaught. Obviously, get R2 as fast as you can.
  • Nightsisters: The Nightsisters just hard counter JTR right now.
  • Probe Droid: A GREAT counter to zJTR or any team that is operating on buff insanity.

zMaul: A known quantity from being a menace in arena for so long. Just a matter of Daze/Buff Block/Mass AoE. The best answers are Chaze and R2, but there are some other teams that can get there (it’s just not auto wins).
Counters include:

  • Rex Lead: It’s like this dude is just amazing on offense! Run with Chaze and a good finisher to stomp on a zMaul team. The Rex lead negates zMauls TM gain. For really hard zMaul teams bring R2.
  • zFinn: Here is a team that doesn’t rely on crits, so you will trigger zMaul less. Use Poe to pick out an obnoxious character (Empire usually) and gun them down.
  • Nihilus: Fight sith with sith. You don’t crit, so that takes away a lot of the stealth triggers. Protect nihilus and whittle them down.
  • Thrawn: If you still have this team, it can be good here. Thrawn gives you a target to pick, and Death Trooper brings them out of stealth. Shore is super hard for them to kill, and your staying power overcomes their offense ability.
  • Probe Droid: A GREAT counter to zMaul, or any team that is operating on buff insanity. (This character is just amazing and you should be trying to get it)

Phoenix: Many ways to counter, but just go with daze/stun/heal block and you should be fine. What you are trying to accomplish is not wasting excess GP on them.
Counters include:

  • Ewoks: You can use synergistic teams like ewoks to beat them (AoE daze, lots of damage, and Phoenix can’t answer the buff/resurrect spam)
  • Emperor: You can also use the Emperor as lead and shut down all the heal spam. Bring in a few high DPS Empire toons (DK/Krennic), and you shouldn’t have a problem.
  • Tarkin: Or try using Tarkin lead to speed up a Vader and abusing the combination to amass debuffs, make their attacks weak, and then using lightsaber throw to pick the Phoenix off one at a time (similar to zVader strategy for GK+zBarriss, but can be done without a zVader lead – obviously run zVader lead if you have it). Since the Phoenix have no cleanse until Kanan zeta, go nuts on the debuffs. Also, the Emperor just has his way with the Phoenix.
  • The Nute: Another use for the secret weapon. Just be mindful that Sabine’s AoE can slowly tick your hp away, and stay away from zSabine. Much better time against Phoenix with no Sabine.
  • Note: This all changes against multiple zeta, G12 Phoenix teams. Don’t try and be cute with them. Use a good team (such as equally-geared Empire teams).

Nightsisters: Troopers, troopers, troopers. Keep them for offense, and win in under half a minute. Also Chaze.

The Leftover zSavage: You are going to see this constantly in your TW: someone beats up a a zMaul team, but leaves a lonely zSavage. You don’t want to waste a team, but this guy doesn’t give a care about your C-team.
Counters include:

  • Rolo with IG-88: Combine Rolo’s 10 shot with some healing immunity and obliterate. Make sure you are patient and don’t use the ability if Rolo has offense down. You can use whichever lead you have maxed, but Rolo’s is better.
  • Fulcrum: Just send her in and click auto. Bye bye zSavage. The only problem is Fulcrum is often on defense.

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