SWGoH: Territory Battles Hoth – Guide to Characters & Ships You Will Need

Territory Battles - SWGoH

Are you figuring out what units you will need in upcoming Territory Battles – Hoth Invasion? Here is a brief look at key characters and ships this new guild event requires to complete it through the final phase.

This article was originally posted on my Reddit channel, based on datamine information and first look videos on YouTube, and I agreed to publish it on Gaming-fans.com with some updates. Territory Battles - SWGoHIt was written with the idea to finish the entire Territory Battle Hoth with participation on all territories. This guide should be accurate but it is possible some things can change slightly once the event is live. Also I’m not mentioning mods: try to equip the best mods on the units (characters) you will use most.

Each player needs at least three Light Side teams, one of them must be a team of Rebels. Basically you can play without some specific characters, but your results will not be good. You also will not be able to earn special shards or Guild Event Tokens (new currency) to buy TB exclusive items in the new shop.


7-star Light Side teams – at least three, one must be Rebels
Rebels and Light Side teams are crucial as you will use them across all phases. One Rebels team is a must as there are missions only for them. More Rebels you have better results you achieve.


5-star Hoth Rebel Soldier
This Rebel is the first required unit. 3-star version should be enough to use in Phase 2 but he is also required later in next phases so work on him to push him to 5-star.

Where needed?

  • Phase 2: required for combat (together with 3-star Rebels)
  • Phase 3: required for special mission (together with 4-star Light Side team and Captain Han Solo)
  • Phase 4: required for combat (together with 5-star Rebels)


6-star Hoth Rebel Scout
Other Hoth Rebel brother is required in Phase 3 for the first time where 4-star version should work.

Where needed?

  • Phase 3 required for combat (together with 4-star Rebels)
  • Phase 5: required for combat (together with 6-star Rebels)


Captain Han Solo
Territory Battles - SWGoHThis new character will be introduced before or together with TB incoming and will be farmable in Cantina. He is a must for two of three special missions in event.

Where needed?

  • Phase 3: required for special mission (together with 4-star Light Side team and Hoth Rebel Soldier)
  • Phase 6: required for special mission (together with 7-star Light Side team and Rebel Officer Leia Organa)


6-star ships
Starting with Phase 3, you will be able to use your ships. In Phase 6 you need 6-star ships of both sides, Light and Dark, in combat missions, but for platoons here 7-star ships are required.


7-star Commander Luke Skywalker
Everybody who was lucky enough to fight for this version of Luke and get him, will use him in TB Hoth too.

Where needed?

  • Phase 5: required for special mission (together with 6-star Light Side team)

6-star Phoenix team
Time for the first hardcore team. Kanan, Ezra, Hera, Zeb, Chopper, Sabine. Choose your five, push them to 6-star and go.

Where needed?

  • Phase 5: required only for combat in this phase, but usable in previous phases


7-star Rogue One team
Second hardcore addition. Final phase and team built of Jyn, Cassian, Baze, Chirrut, K-2SO, Scarif Rebel Pathfinder, Bistan, Pao or Bodhi.

Where needed?

  • Phase 6: required only for combat in this final phase, but usable in previous phases


Territory Battles - SWGoHRebel Officer Leia Organa (ROLO)
Another new character. You can earn Hoth Leia’s shards only by playing special missions in TB Hoth and nowhere else. You should really go for it.

Where needed?

  • Phase 6: required for special mission (together with 7-star Light Side team and Captain Han Solo)


Tricky part: units for platoon missions
Platoons are dumping missions, separated into six squadrons with a need of specific units. Platoons are essential in all territories to get buffs and debuffs = strengthen your units and/or weaken enemies. Beware – units dumped to platoon cannot be used in any combat of current phase! One guild member can dump a maximum of 10 units into platoon missions in a specific territory. Warning! Some platoons require rare units, which can be crucial for favourite teams! Here comes guild coordination to assemble who can fight in this phase without units required in platoons and can put them there.


What about rest?
Units not required or used in specials, combats or platoons can be dumped into deployment missions, even Dark Side units. You will earn additional points for your guild this way.



Written by BluesOneCZ / SithHappens2EU
Follow him: TwitterReddit

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