SWGoH: A Closer Look at the Chex Mix team for Phase 3 of the Sith Triumvirate Raid

SWGoH - Chex Mix - Sith Raid

The Chex Mix team continues to grow in popularity in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes as a go-to team for most guilds already fighting the Heroic STR. In fact, in our Sith Triumvirate Raid guide here at Gaming-fans.com, we list it as one of the top  teams in the entire raid based on the community’s response and our own experience. Here are the details of this team as well as a link to SWGoH GameChanger Nukin’s video on the team and strategy for reference.


Chex Mix Overview:

This is a very easy team to run once you have put all the work into setup. Han will need a Zeta for this to be ideal. This battle will last just a few minutes, and will get you over 5% damage which equates to 1.5mil damage or so. The idea is that when the sabers hit Han, he gets retribution on Traya because of CLS lead and the death mark on Traya. It will last for about a minute. After stand alone is done, Han will kill the sabers and everyone can get a few hits on Traya. When Traya revives again, DO NOT go for 2nd topple. Just get a few more hits on Traya before your team fizzles out

Mod Management:

For Chex mix to work, this is going to be the Key. You will need to utilize swgoh.gg for this. Have all your mods assigned to toons so you can see them on the site. When filtering on swgoh.gg, use the offense and speed secondary filters. You want mods with High Offense stats – +100 secondary offense etc. All toons will need offense cross and should be at 2.5-3k offense or higher. The speeds need to be in this exact order from fastest to slowest – CLS, Chirrut, Pao (or high offense attacker), Death Trooper, and then Han. *** At the very least, Han needs to be slower than Traya (180 speed) so she will isolate someone before you use stand alone (ideally you want DT and Han both slower than traya and under 180 speed.) Otherwise she will isolate Han when he uses Stand alone, and it doesn’t work.



All – high offense secondaries

Han – CD and CC set. CD triangle, Offense cross, Offense arrow. ** try to get his CC up as well with secondaries. He doesn’t want any speed at all.

CLS, Chirrut, Pao, and DT – They can all have offense sets. They all need Offense Cross and Offense Triangle.

DT – Offense arrow.

***If you can put offense arrow on CLS, Chirrut, and Pao while still managing the correct speed, great.


Nuking Heroic STR Chex MixDebuffs:

This is the other major factor in this strategy. When entering battle, make sure at least one lightsaber doesn’t have counter. If all 3 sabers have counter, back out and start again. Target the saber without counter first. Han CAN’T have any debuffs inflicted on him, and this includes “isolate.” If he does, back out and start again. If Pao or Chirrut get the ability block debuff on them, back out and start again. ** IF Chirrut goes before Pao in order of your speeds, it doesn’t matter if Pao gets ability block because Chirrut will cleanse him. If Han ever gets dazed during fight, back out and start again. As you can see this is very RNG dependant. It took me 100 attempts, and 60 minutes to get it just right the first time.



CLS is 1st toon to go according to speed (Han always goes first because of zeta.) He will also target the same saber that Han targeted. CLS needs to take out this saber if it’s not already dead.

Chirrut goes 2nd. His job is to get tenacity up on team. If Han has any debuffs, he won’t get tenacity up, but will instead get heal over time. If this happens, back out and start again.

Pao goes 3rd. His job is offense up.

Now Traya goes because she is at 180 speed.

Death goes 4th on our team, and inflicts death mark on Traya.

Now Han. This is where magic happens. Use “standalone” immediately. Then use his special “Never tell me the odds.” Then just go crazy on Traya. Only use basic because you get more damage from double tap.


You’re shooting for 3-5% which, when you do the math, could mean your Guild can defeat Phase 3 in about 20 attacks. Good luck!


By Diego G, Officer, Descendants of the Empire

Video by SWGoH GameChanger Nukin

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10 Comments on "SWGoH: A Closer Look at the Chex Mix team for Phase 3 of the Sith Triumvirate Raid"

  1. Thanks for the explanation and analysis. I appreciate the work you put into thinking through where mistakes or misunderstanding can happen.

  2. No love for McMole2’s video? For shame!

    • ljcool110 | June 13, 2018 at 1:51 pm |

      He is mentioned in Nukin’s video.

      • Why not throw him some credit in the text? Since you spell it all out I didn’t watch the video, but I know where the concept came from…Pretty weak writing if you lack crediting the people that come up with the concept.

  3. DorianBlade | June 13, 2018 at 5:01 pm |

    You should use a different video. No disrespect to Nukin, but he’s not running a true Chex Mix team, and definitely not the one you wrote about. There’s no Pao? You can’t run Chex effectively without Pao.

    • ljcool110 | June 14, 2018 at 1:55 pm |

      You can run Chex Mix effectively without Pao – I used to run it with Poggle and scored more than respectably. That having been said Pao is the best option in my opinion.

      In terms of the videos we use, we look to provide good content and we look to give players more than a single option. Thus, having the option of Rex, Sabine, Poggle or Pao may be the difference in a player scoring well and helping their guild out over time and not just sitting p3 out. I used Poggle the Lesser as the 5th toon for our guild’s first 9 HSTR’s scoring 1.2m to 1.9 million each time without a Zeta on Han Solo. Thus “You can’t run Chex effectively without Pao” is not an accurate statement, but I do appreciate your feedback.

  4. NotreallyaJedi | June 13, 2018 at 7:48 pm |

    Doesn’t link to the actual video by Nukin, but additionally, Nukin’s video doesn’t even show Pao at any point in the video. If you’re going to make an in-depth look at the team like this, at least use a video that actually uses the correct team.

    • ljcool110 | June 14, 2018 at 2:37 pm |

      As stated in another comment, we want to offer more than just a “do it this way or else” for p3. Not everyone has Pao geared, so this allows players to see there is some flexibility in the team, albeit the team is less effective. Thus, “correct” is based on perspective, however I will agree with you if you are saying that this team with Pao is the most effective option.

  5. OberonCaladDV | July 9, 2018 at 12:42 pm |

    are there any options for DT?

    • ljcool110 | July 9, 2018 at 3:26 pm |

      Death Trooper is almost a required toon to get the kind of numbers that can be achieved (1.5-2.5m damage). The Deathmark forces Han Solo’s counter attacks to hit Traya as opposed to the Lightsabers, and each hit should be 90-140k so you cannot afford to lose a few of those.

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