SWGoH Ships Raid: The Death Star?

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has become an enjoyable part of my day and easily my go-to non-“Real Life” daily event, so naturally I have been brainstorming ideas on what might be next for the game. Character synergies and Ships have kept this ever-evolving game “new” throughout the past 13 months, and the addition of Guilds and Raids have added peer pressure and even more competition within teams. SWGOH - Ships StrategySo let me take a few moments to theorize on the next big Raid to be added to SWGoH: The Death Star.

Let’s think about this. People are frustrated with the Ships feature of the game, the time it takes to build them up, the constant buff/debuff issue we deal with again and again with characters, the speed of the animation and the excessive protection recovery. So while Ships are a fun part of the game, one could easily deemphasize the Ships section altogether, auto-play their daily Fleet Arena battle and collect minimal rewards (which are not bad compared to the Top 20 daily award…). Thus, it is nearing time to breathe some new life into the Ships feature and what better than a Ships Raid.

So what would be the reward for the Death Star Raid? Red Five blueprints and/or Luke Skywalker Pilot shards (I like the “or” of this scenario – you get one or the other, making for a longer time before you open either and forcing us all to wait…). Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Obviously a lot of work by EA on the animation, just exactly how you fight the Death Star, etc. would be critical to this. Other items like a Red Squadron X-Wing synergy, etc. could be fun as I expect this would be based off of the Episode IV Death Star, but overall I could see this one being a huge addition to SWGoH and a heck of a lot of fun.

What do you think? Have a better idea? Let me know!

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