SWGoH Community News – August 1, 2017


It’s August and the month is bursting with return events for just about every week through the month!

Flash Events for August

Luke Skywalker’s Trouble on Tatooine Flash Events are returning every three days throughout August. Flash Events will appear three times throughout each day offering players a chance at any one of four Tiers that will reward gear and credits.

The first few rounds of Flash Events allowed players to use special event characters, while the Ewok events had players use their own units. Expect to use either your own Luke Skywalker and Jawas or a return of the special event units for the Flash Events. Also, be sure to check out the best mods for Luke Skywalker as you prepare.

Trouble on Tatooine Flash Events will be appearing on the following days:

  • Thursday, 8/3
  • Sunday, 8/6
  • Wednesday, 8/9
  • Saturday, 8/12
  • Tuesday, 8/15
  • Friday, 8/18
  • Monday, 8/21
  • Thursday, 8/24
  • Sunday, 8/27
  • Wednesday, 8/30

The Return of R2-D2

Get your Empire characters ready as the rare Daring Droid Legendary Event for R2-D2 will be returning from 8/3 through 8/11. R2’s event will require five Empire faction toons all at a minimum of 5* to unlock our favorite droid.

The best chance at unlocking R2-D2 at 7* would be to use characters at 7*, Level 82+, and Gear 9+. Some sample teams used to complete R2-D2’s event (all teams are mod-dependent):

  • Zeta Darth Vader (Lead, Lvl 85, G11), Emperor Palpatine (Lvl 85, G11), TIE Fighter Pilot (Lvl 85, G11), Royal Guard (Lvl 70, G8), and Grand Moff Tarkin (Lvl 56, G7)
  • Emperor Palpatine (Lead, Lvl 81, G9), Darth Vader (Lvl 81, G9), TIE Fighter Pilot (Lvl 81, G9), Royal Guard (Lvl 81, G8), Grand Moff Tarkin (Lvl 64, G7)
  • Zeta Darth Vader (Lead, Lvl 85, G11), Emperor Palpatine (Lvl 85, G11), TIE Fighter Pilot (Lvl 85, G11), Royal Guard (Lvl 85, G10), and Grand Moff Tarkin (Lvl 85, G7)

Once you’ve got R2-D2 fully starred, be sure to check out the Zeta Review for both of R2’s Zeta Abilities.

Omega Battles for August

More Omega Battles are on the horizon with a pair of events appearing on two weekends in August. Earn ability mats and credits across the three different tiers for each event.

  • Bespin, 8/5 – Go up against characters featured in The Empire Strikes Back and use your Rebels and Geonosians to attack
  • Coruscant, 8/6 – Fight against various clones as enemies using your Ewoks, (including your new ones!) and Empire characters to win
  • Dathomir 8/19 – See the power of the Nightsisters using Jedi or Tusken characters to gain rewards
  • Endor 8/20 – Face off with a team of Ewoks by using your own team of Sith or Droids

More Assault Battles!

The eight-stage long Assault Battles will be returning on two weekends in August as well.

Assault Battles: Ground War 8/12 – 8/13

Fight against Dooku and Galactic Republic enemies using your Ewoks and Resistance characters to form a formidable team. There are two tiers (Hard and Bonus) and be prepared to use 7* and Gear 9+ toons to fight to the end.

Assault Battles: Places of Power 8/26 – 8/27

Fight against 8 waves of Jedi using your best Sith characters. There are three tiers (Hard, Very Hard, and Bonus) and it would be best to bring 7* and Gear 10+ characters to complete all the tiers of this event.


Grandmasters Training: Yoda Event

Earn Grand Master Yoda shards in the return of his bi-monthly Legendary Event from 8/17 through 8/23.

Train and gear up five Jedi to learn from the one of the greatest Jedi of all. Any five Jedi can be used and prepare to use Jedi at 7* and Gear 8+ to unlock Master Yoda.


Speculation Ahead! Luke Skywalker’s “Hero’s Journey” was scheduled to appear this month, but the developers have currently redacted the dates. There is a good chance that the event may still appear some time in August.

The developers also made previous mention of the new Territory Battles content back in early July with the hope that the new content would drop in August. There have been no new details about Territory Battles, but keep an on eye on the site for any new updates as they emerge!


By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer


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