Weekend Earth Wars Report: Race Day Mayhem!

Weekend Earth Wars Report: Race Day Mayhem!


Good morning Cybertron! Start your engines and rev’um up hard! Drag Strip has appeared and he’s forced a massive race competition for the safety of the nearby human settlements for this weekend of 1/13/17-1/15/17!


Challenged by Hound, Drag Strip forces him and his fellow Autobots into a deadly race, threatening to endanger nearby humans if they don’t partake!”

With the arctic hub bub fully died down, it seems we’ve stumbled into mass competition for this is another full alliance event! You and yours will be competing together to earn points for prizes and to unlock as many Mayhem Crystals as you can!


Mayhem Crystals contain: 4-Star Hound or Drag Strip, 3-Star Hound or Drag Strip, 2-Star Hound or Drag Strip, 2,000 Spark, 100,000 Energon, 100 3-Star Shards or 100 4-Star Shards!


Here’s a list of this weekend’s prizes:


Now get out there and let’s show Drag Strip how real bots race! Good luck! Til all are one!

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