adds media partner BoboRocket for SWGoH video content is pleased to announce the addition of a new media partner. BoboRocket from Today is the Day Online has joined forces with as the site’s first media partner providing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes video content.

Darth Nihilus - SWGoHThe announcement means will now provide fans and gamers alike with new content catering to mid-level players and new players alike.

“The partnership with BoboRocket signifies the rapid growth of our site and fills much of the need for more interactive content on,” stated Luke Jernigan, Director of Content for “Our site has often been too highly geared toward high-end, mostly Pay-To-Play users. This allows us to broaden our base and expand coverage to all SWGoH gamers moving forward.”

Recent BoboRocket videos on SWGoH include the Level Cap Increasing to 90 video, his popular Who Is Darth Nihilus piece and more. In addition, BoboRocket also covers Star Wars Force Arena and Star Wars Commander. Fans can follow BoboRocket on Twitter @TheBoboRocket or on his YouTube Channel Today is the Day Online. is a gaming fansite covering Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars Force Arena and Transformers Earth Wars and is seeking writers for other mobile games. Fans can follow on Twitter @GamingFansDFN or online at

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