& popular SWGoH YouTuber Smithie D partner up is pleased to announce the addition of their latest media partner. Popular YouTuber Smithie D has joined forces with for added Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes video content.

Just a short time after a similar partnership with BoboRocket from Today is the Day Online, the announcement means will continue to cater to the high-level SWGoH players.

Smithie D SWGoH Videos“Partnering with Smithie D shows a continued commitment to providing content to the top players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes,” said Luke Jernigan, Director of Content for “ often caters to high-end Free-To-Play and Pay-To-Play users, but partnering with the most respected name in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes video content shows our commitment to covering the game and to the gamers themselves. In addition, we feel that both recent video content partnerships show our collective commitments to enriching the SWGoH community while putting competition aside.”

The addition of Smithie D’s video content to the site has prompted the site to add a new tag “SWGoH Advanced,” to help players better organize the video content from the two media partners.

Smithie D - Zaul OP Arena Team - SWGoHSmithie D is a popular and respected YouTuber providing coverage of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes for high-level players. His videos cater to those consistently competing for Top 10 spots in their Arena shard, top players in HAAT Guilds, those looking for advice on which characters to use a Zeta materials on and much more. is a gaming fansite covering Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars Force Arena and Transformers Earth Wars and is seeking writers for other mobile games. Fans can follow on Twitter @GamingFansDFN or online at

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