SWGoH: Primary Stats and Their Significance

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has many different character attributes, most of which are not thoroughly explained. Because understanding these stats is key to getting the most out of your mods and characters, I will try to go through and help explain each of them. Today, we’ll be looking at the three primary stats, and why they matter.


The Different Primary Stats

There are three primary stats in SW:GoH – Strength, Agility, and Tactics. These primary stats are increased by adding gear, leveling, and even increasing the star rating of a character. Each of these primary stats increases two other stats by a specific amount, as shown on the table below.



Strength (STR)
Health 18
Armor (Physical Defense) 0.14


Agility (AGI)
Physical Crit Rating 0.4
Armor (Physical Defense) 0.07


Tactics (TAC)
Special Damage 2.4
Resistance (Special Defense) 0.1


Each character also has a “main” primary stat, which increases their physical damage. This “main” stat varies from character to character, but still increases their physical damage by a uniform amount.

Main Stat
Physical Damage  1.4




As you increase the star level of a character, their Growth stats increase. These Growth stats determine the amount of each primary attribute you gain per level, and is applied retroactively. Being applied retroactively means it doesn’t matter whether you gain stars or level your character first – the end result will be the same.

As an example, Baze Malbus gains 1.1 STR growth when upgraded to 7*, which at level 85, translates to a 93.5 STR increase, rounded down to 93. A total STR growth of 8.1 means Baze gains a total of 688.5 STR at level 85.

Growth can’t be directly influenced by the player – each character will always have a set amount of Growth at each rarity. Because of this, there’s not a lot of reason to look beyond the basics of Growth.


The Significance

There are a couple of ways primary stats are significant, with the first and foremost being the increases to other stats.

Prior to the release of Gear 12 (and the advent of locking gear levels behind star rating), it wasn’t uncommon to see a tank, like Baze Malbus, Shoretrooper, or General Kenobi being used in high level arena at a low star rating. This is because the defensive stats gained by each star level are low and easy to replace. Using the Baze example above, only 1,674 health is gained from that last star level – a negligible amount when compared to health and protection gains from mods.

Damage dealers, on the other hand, were rarely seen at low star levels. Compare Han Solo, who gains 1 AGI growth from the 7th star, which comes to 85 AGI, or 119 physical damage. While this can be made up for with mods, the impact is much bigger, especially when combined with the loss of health (1,080) on an already easy to kill character.

The other major significance of primary stats is that the increases they provide to other stats are immediately used in mod calculations. Generally, only completed gear levels are used for percentage based mod calculations, but this isn’t the case for primary stats. A Mk 12 ArmaTek Multi-tool gives, among other things, 40 STR and 250 health. The 250 health isn’t used for mod calculations, but the 720 health gained from the 40 STR will be.  This makes primary stats on high end gear much more desirable than otherwise, as being used in mod calculations can greatly increase the stat gains.

That concludes this breakdown of the what, how, and why of primary stats. If there’s any topic you want to know more about, leave a comment and the staff here at gaming-fans.com will do our best to cover it.

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6 Comments on "SWGoH: Primary Stats and Their Significance"

  1. Jose Aguirre | January 25, 2018 at 2:30 pm |

    Hi , do any kind of 5 dot mods help executrix be faster? Should my priority in modding be the crew like tfp before gm tarkin? Thank you

  2. Is the “Characters Primary Main Stat” easy to tell apart? For instance is it the Main stat with the highest figure at the each star level? If not is there a “Known” list?

    • I’m not sure whether it’s always the highest, because gear, level, and star level will all increase primary stats, but only the main primary stat increases “physical damage”, so you can look at which primary stat increases physical damage for each character on the stats screen.

  3. Hi!
    There is something i don’t understand with those stats.
    I made some test about it, but nothing appear notable.

    For example, i have Vao lvl85, 3stars.
    She has 373 AGI and 203 TAC that means she has 8,60% armor and 3,04% resist
    If i add one gear with +3 AGI, of course she has 376 AGI and 203 TAC BUT she still has 8,60% armor and 3,04% resist.
    I made another try and add one gear +2 AGI +2 TAC, then she has 378 AGI and 205 TAC BUT again she still has 8,60% armor and 3,04% resist.

    If i have a look at your table, values expected are 8,95% armor and 3,14% resist at the end. But it is not the case. I logout and log in, i don’t know, maybe it was a display bug i said to myself. But it still there.

    How could you explain that? Actually i try to evaluate the influence between armor and resist with defense, agility and tactics. But there are so few informations about it. It is so difficult.

    • Hi! Sorry for the late response, I wanted to make sure I was giving correct information and needed time to do some testing. 🙂

      There are a two different things throwing out your numbers;

      First, the increases from STR, AGI, and TAC are applied to Physical and Special Defense, which are used to calculate Armor% and Resistance%. I didn’t really make this clear in the article – sorry about that. So it’s not directly increasing Armor/Resist.

      Second – and this is what I had to test, because I hadn’t even thought about it – the Defense calculations only use whole numbers, rounded down. So while +2 AGI is giving +0.14 defense, it wont change your armor% unless you reach the next whole number. This wont be as noticeable at higher gear levels, since you generally get enough of each stat to give an armor/resist increase.

      As for the defense to armor/resist calculations, I’ve got a guide about that at https://gaming-fans.com/2017/12/swgoh-advanced-armor-function-defense/ 🙂

      Hope this helps!

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