SWGoH “Rise Together” Event Postponed

While the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Rise Together event was scheduled to take place on Thursday, it seems that technical difficulties will force players to wait to open the Ghost and Phantom II ships from the Star Wars Rebels Series and Rogue One. Jesse Anderson EA SWGoHThe event, which started at 3 am ET on Thursday, April 13th, to coincide with Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida, had this description on Tuesday:

With your Phoenix Squadron collected , this year’s Star Wars Celebration fires off with the RISE TOGETHER Event, awarding player’s blueprints for Phoenix Squadron’s ships the Ghost and Phantom II. For those that may have missed them last month we’re also bringing back the bundles and packs to the Store for all Phoenix Squadron members. Upon completing the RISE TOGETHER Event, a new Event will unlock: STAND TOGETHER. This No cost/reward event will allow you to play with the complete Phoenix Squad up to five times a day with opportunities to revisit the Ghost and Phantom II ships as well.

In addition to the festivities detailed above, there will be Double Drops in the Cantina for 5 days, so be sure to join in the celebration!

A Tweet from EA’s Community Manager for SWGoH Jesse Anderson read “Hey players, the team is working on the issues with the RISE TOGETHER event and double drops” and provided a link to the EA forums.

There is no information on the event or if/when double drops will even take place today, if at all. The only clue as to a timeline of updates was from CG_RyDiggs that read “We (likely @CG_Kozispoon :smile: ) will be posting tomorrow with updates on the event as we move forward.”

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